Web Design Tips for Retail Stores

3 Aesthetically Pleasing Web Design Tips for Retail Stores

As a retail store owner, it can be difficult to handle both the daily duties of running a store and managing an ecommerce website. This is especially true if your ecommerce website is under performing or failing to convert at a high level. If that sounds familiar, have you considered …

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13 Existing Free WordPress Administration Plugins

Although WordPress started as a small blogging system, it has now become a powerful CMS because but administrating your blog can be quite difficult sometimes. The Admin dashboard offers lots of features which are ok if you are the website developer but what if you don’t want to give your …

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Keyword Tips

Don’t Forget These Keyword Tips When Building a Site

Whenever you are considering the deployment of a new search engine optimised site, you most likely already have a list of keywords in mind that will be the scaffolding for driving traffic to the site.  Because SEO is so complex and far-reaching, many people have developed their own unique strategies …

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Enhance Your Website Security

Four Ways to Enhance Your Website Security

In order to compete in the 21st century global economy, you must be online. There’s no way around it. Your business needs a well-developed website that’s capable to attract leads, convert sales, and build brand awareness. However, simply launching a website and taking a step back won’t work. You need …

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Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Business Should Know

Facebook is – arguably – the biggest social network on the planet. Millions of ordinary people log into their Facebook on a daily basis, to post status updates, chat to friends, and check up on people in their Facebook contacts. But although Facebook is good fun if you have nothing …

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