ParkCollege - Education Responsive WP Theme

10 Suitable Premium WordPress Themes for University Websites

Building an education website such as a university website is not very hard to do, if you know what tools and platforms you need to set it up. Theme is the front-end of every website, whereas Plugins are used to customize and give an enhancing look to the theme. University …

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Create Accessible Websites with the WP Accessibility Plugin

In order to create an accessible website, there are many guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines are extensive because they are designed to ensure that web developers and designers construct websites that are accessible to individuals with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to: blindness and low …

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WordPress Shopping Cart

13 Fantastic Free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

WordPress is an extremely versatile platform, with a diverse range of capabilities. One of the most popular uses of WordPress is running an eCommerce website. Did you know that e-commerce company Groupon was initially built on WordPress? Customizing WordPress to support e-commerce can be very challenging for beginners though. At …

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Martyr Lamp

A Inspirational List of Lamps and Light Designs

Lamps and lights are indispensable items of any room or house or office. Lamps and lights are used very commonly to lighten up the darker corners of the rooms and also to add atmospheric lightning to your living room. With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute …

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WPBizPlugins Custom Admin Help Boxes

A List of Amazing Free Dashboard Widgets for WordPress

WordPress admin area is something where a pro-blogger like you and me spend most of the time. Dashboard Widget is a plugin that allows you to instantly capture your site user’s attention when they log in to the network. Here I’m going to share useful free WordPress dashboard widgets which …

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What is an SSL Checker

As the web continues to grow and evolve, we are seeing a host of new technologies revealed, which can help us stay safe while we browse the web. This inevitably involves us getting to grips with new terms and tools, particularly for those of us who run our own websites. …

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