website design tips

Seven Tips for Improving Your Website’s Design

A well designed website will better facilitate driving traffic, building a strong presence and increasing revenue. Follow these seven web design tips to make certain you gain a strong edge on your competitors. Use a Professional Logo Your logo is one of the chief factors that help to increase your …

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company website

Top Six Surefire Tips to Ensure Your Company Website is a Hit

Designing a professional website is not difficult. Key characteristics that a well-designed website must possess are that it is easy to navigate, is catching to the eyes and loads quickly. To make sure your company’s website is a hit among all of your customers, you will want to follow these …

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Watermark WP Image Protect

12 Fresh Free WordPress Widgets for Watermark

WordPress has empowered thousands of experienced and wannabe writers with the ability to share their knowledge on a particular topic with readers around the globe. Protect your WordPress images from unauthorized use by applying watermarks on images. However, there are several ways to watermark images, being a WordPress user. Below …

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Heat Mapping

How Using Heat Mapping Can Improve Web Design

Heat maps are thermal representations of how individuals react with a website. The idea is based off of technology such as FLIR cameras, which depict hot areas based on higher temperatures. A “hot” color on a website depicts which areas are the most used by visitors. This can be incredibly …

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ParkCollege - Education Responsive WP Theme

10 Suitable Premium WordPress Themes for University Websites

Building an education website such as a university website is not very hard to do, if you know what tools and platforms you need to set it up. Theme is the front-end of every website, whereas Plugins are used to customize and give an enhancing look to the theme. University …

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Create Accessible Websites with the WP Accessibility Plugin

In order to create an accessible website, there are many guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines are extensive because they are designed to ensure that web developers and designers construct websites that are accessible to individuals with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to: blindness and low …

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