Angry Birds Game

Best Games of 2014

Your smartphone is not only for calls, internet, texting and other sorts of communication. Tapping the phone and enjoying your time in the hotel lobbies and time on the move is so ecstatic and fun. Find the free games app that would suit your taste and start playing it. As …

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WordPress For a Financial Blog

Is WordPress Suitable For a Financial Blog?

There are so many out there that do not understand the fact that running a financial blog is complicated. So many are tempted to think that the site that is open only requires WordPress, a theme and then money will stop pouring in. In reality, you can come up with …

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Perfect Your Skills

Design Perfection or Dangerous Art? Perfect Your Skills at Art School

Art students – wearers of mad fashions, owners of tie dye posters, buyers of kitsch ornamental owls and studiers of some of the maddest people to have ever lived. They’re oddballs so you don’t have to be. But maybe you want to get right into the thick of it with …

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15 Excellent Free Scroller Widgets for WordPress

Modern web designs are frequently using the technique of scrolling to move images, text around the web page frame to create interesting visual movements. There are lots of WordPress widget plugins available using which you can add extra functionality to your design. In today’s article we have listed great wordpress …

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Top 9 Best Free Exit Popup WordPress Plugins

Being a blogger I understood the importance of popups in my blog which helped me a lot to increase email subscribers and social media fans. Exit popup plugins are very useful to increase your sales conversion. It also increases your newsletter subscribers. The Exit popup, which I used in my …

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WordPress Design Tips

Which WordPress Design Tips Provide the Most Pop?

WordPress provides a number of tools and plugins to make it easy for users to create the best designs possible. There are many different ways to customize your WordPress website. You may be interested in: WordPress minimal themes WordPress widgets for watermark Best cheap reseller hosting Page builder plugins Here …

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