Linux Pros and Cons

While many see Linux as an operating system too complicated to learn, there is a good chance you are using it on an everyday basis and do not even know it yet! Whether you are at home watching cable television, at the mall using a kiosk, or on the road …

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web design

Three Simple Tips for Better Website Design

As a website designer, you are always trying to keep up with the latest trends and styles. The internet changes quickly, and what is considered new and interesting one day could easily be old or played out the next. These simple and timeless tips don’t go out of style. Implement …

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A Collection of Top Tech and Web Review Websites

There are plenty of review articles out there: for everything from hosting to WordPress plugins to apps to technology. But reviewer opinions are as varied as the products they rate, and it can be difficult to objectively value one reviewer’s opinion compared to another. So, in order to help readers …

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Simple Audio Player

10 Efficient Free Audio Player WordPress Widgets

WordPress is a popular choice among pod-casters and musicians, there are some pretty amazing tools available to do the job. There are different explanations too for putting sound or music cuts for encountered web originators and musical artists, for example making more chances in expanding bargains and sign ups to …

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15 Supreme Free WordPress Mobile App Themes

Mobile phones aren’t just for talking to your best friends and family members anymore. Now, you have access to pretty much anything in the world and it’s all at your fingertips. Mobile apps are programs that are designed to be executable on mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablet computers. …

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Ways to Improve Your Remote Team Relation

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Remote Team Relation

People often think that working from home is all about the convenience you experience along the way. Working remotely has a lot of perks, which includes lesser hassle and stress, spending more time with family, setting your own schedule, and not minding what you look the entire day because no …

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