Enhance Your Website Security

Four Ways to Enhance Your Website Security

In order to compete in the 21st century global economy, you must be online. There’s no way around it. Your business needs a well-developed website that’s capable to attract leads, convert sales, and build brand awareness. However, simply launching a website and taking a step back won’t work. You need …

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Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising Tips Every Business Should Know

Facebook is – arguably – the biggest social network on the planet. Millions of ordinary people log into their Facebook on a daily basis, to post status updates, chat to friends, and check up on people in their Facebook contacts. But although Facebook is good fun if you have nothing …

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Sharing Content on Facebook

5 Tips for Sharing Content on Facebook

Social media platforms hold a lot of clout when it comes to sharing SEO content, but nothing compares to Facebook – the big kahuna of the social media realm. Having a Facebook page is integral for successful SEO in business today. However, it’s not just about having a company page; …

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WordPress Picture, Portfolio, Media Gallery

A Short List of Free Isotope Widgets for WordPress

One of the things that separates WordPress from other blogging software out there is the fact that it is open source, and the benefits that go along with being open source. The extend page for widgets on WordPress.org features the most popular, highly rated, recently updated and new widget plugins. …

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Reasons to Use Email at Your Business

Top Five Reasons to Use Email at Your Business

Email has infiltrated our everyday lives but unfortunately, many business directors still don’t see the advantages of setting up a company-wide email system for key members of their organization. Whether the email is internal or outbound, there are at least five valid reasons why every company should set up an …

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