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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Making Money

Creating a blog today is very easy thanks to many blogging platforms that make it possible even for people without any significant technical knowledge to start  blog with a few clicks. You’ve got a WordPress blog. Now you want to make money with your blog. Did you know there are …

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A Roundup of Polygon Style in Website Design

Polygonal art along with the Metro style began to agitate the minds of designers in the past year. Whereas style of Windows 8 immediately found itself in web design. Today Polygonal art often appears as a stylization for logotypes, background and illustrations that usually serve as a decoration rather then …

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Ten Exceptional Free Masonry WordPress Themes

One of the most popular themes for a portfolio website is the WordPress Masonry theme. Be it from any field of work like photography or designing or any creative person who wants to display their work. It is a popular and efficient way to present any form of visual art …

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Easy Social Icons

13 Must Have Free Social Icons WordPress Widgets

One of the best ways to connect your readers is through social networking sites. If you’re running your small business website on the WordPress platform, it’s incredibly easy to integrate social. Having social media icons in your blog is really a great way to boost the traffic of your website …

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Steps to Create a Successful Video Presentation

As you prepare for a video conference, there are several items to get into place. It starts with organizing the presentation by selecting a date. You will then need to inform those you wish to participate. Once you have confirmation of those that will be joining, selecting the right platform …

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A List of New BuddyPress Ready WordPress Themes

BuddyPress is an amazing extension for WordPress Platform Which transfer the blogging platform to an amazing social community junction. It inherits and extends upon the integral functional elements of the WordPress engine including themes, plugins, and widgets, and includes a range of features which allow the creation of a social …

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