Internet has Developed in Middle Eastern Countries

How the Internet has Developed in Middle Eastern Countries

“The first casualty when war comes is truth.” It’s a saying you may know, attributed to US Senator Hiram Johnson in 1918, and it directly relates to the field of communications. It wasn’t long ago that you’d have to rely on radio and television or newspapers for your information, often …

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ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics

10 Great Free Shortlink WordPress Plugins

The rise in popularity of social media services such as Twitter created a need for internet users to shorten their URLs. Many services became available to help you shorten URLs. URL shortening services have grown in importance with the expansion of the internet. Oftentimes we need to share URLs but …

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Premium Template

You Don’t Need to Be a Pro Web Designer if You Use These Tips

Web design used to be a laborious process that started on paper and had to be very precise. Everything had to be measured down to the pixel, which made it difficult to anticipate screen sizes, but that wasn’t as much of an issue until recently. If you want to create …

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Killer Brochure

6 Tips for Designing a Killer Brochure

Graphic design has made life much easier, particularly in the marketing department. When you want to create a brochure, all you need to do is whip up a design on computer software and send it off to the printers, right? But if you want a brochure that really dazzles, it …

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15 Dazzling Responsive Layout Free WordPress Themes 2015

WordPress is very flexible and user-friendly so anyone can use it without any difficulty. You just need a little knowledge about the installation procedure of WordPress and its themes. Free wordpress themes are released every month by professional wordpress developers to promote their products and brand. These free WordPress themes …

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Law Practice - Lawyers Attorneys Business Theme

13 Powerful Attorney and Lawyer WordPress Themes

Law and order is a strict business and require dedicated effort either its personally or from people who share their work experience online to get proper clients. With the legal profession this is the same and today, you can easily find lawyers, attorneys, legal corporations or consultants by searching online. …

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