Remote DBA Experts

Remote DBA Experts Improve the Email Marketing Database through Ecommerce

According to a web study, the users are visiting the ecommerce websites but are not ready to buy the products. Most of the potential users are leaving the pages without buying the products. It was found that 88% users are moving forward to the checkout process and then finally abandoning …

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Why it is Still Worth Learning HTML and CSS Before Starting to Run a Site

It may seem like the days when you had to know your way around a number of mark up languages and even scripting languages to make a website are far behind us. With tools like WordPress, even people who weren’t brought up with computers and the internet, can easily knock …

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Web Design Rules for Complex Businesses

5 Web Design Rules for Complex Businesses

There are basic, foundational design rules and then there are best practices for more complex businesses and clients. Remember the goal of any website: To be the best, clearest, most accessible source of information for the intended audience. That includes not just the actual content, such as text and images, …

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WP Clean Up Optimizer

10 Excellent Free WordPress Cleanup Plugins

As we move firmly into spring here in the northern hemisphere, many turn their thoughts to spring cleaning. It should be noted that a number of these solutions go in for some deep cleaning – such as going into the database type cleaning. Here, in our today’s post I have …

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Grateful - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

15 Best Premium Personal Blog WordPress Themes

A WordPress blog with Modern and Clean theme style will highlight content and will encourage user to read the content so make excited readers. When selecting, we looked specifically for themes that conformed to the traditional blog style: a navigation menu, a single sidebar, and a listing of posts. You …

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Responsive Email Design

5 Tips for Maximizing Results When Using Responsive Email Design

Responsive email design is definitely one of the must-have features when choosing the right email vendor. There are many email marketers still sending out emails that are only (or best) viewed from on a computer, yet statistics show that, in 2013, approximately 51% of persons checked their emails on mobile …

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