40 Free Vintage Textures and Backgrounds

Vintage items have their in importance in the society for the last couple of years. The old texture, majestic designs and faded colors puts up a unique style and is highly cherish able. Known for its grand appeal, vintage designs hits the chart anywhere and its goes the same for the fashionable backgrounds also.

This time, we are presenting for you an amazing and most mind-boggling collection of 40 free and high quality vintage textures and backgrounds. Let’s have a look, and you may be interested in our other articles on Free Gimp Brushes, Sticker Designs, Cancer Ribbon Tattoos and Cursive Fonts.

1. Vintage Stock Texture 1

1_Vintage Stock Texture 1

Vintage Stock Texture 1

2. 8 Old Books Textures by Flowersong

2_8 Old Books Textures by Flowersong

8 Old Books Textures by Flowersong

3. Texture 26

3_Texture 26

Texture 26

4. Vintage Texture Pack

4_Vintage Texture Pack

Vintage Texture Pack

5. 6 Vintage Textures

5_6 Vintage Textures

6 Vintage Textures

6. Texture



7. Dark Vintage

7_Dark Vintage

Dark Vintage

8. Vintage Sheet Music Pack

8_Vintage Sheet Music Pack

Vintage Sheet Music Pack

9. Vintage Texture I

9_Vintage Texture I

Vintage Texture I

10. Vintage Textures

10_Vintage Textures

Vintage Textures

11. Big Stain Vintage Texture

11_Big Stain Vintage Texture

Big Stain Vintage Texture

12. Vintage Musk

12_Vintage Musk

Vintage Musk

13. Vintage Cherries

13_Vintage Cherries

Vintage Cherries

14. Vintage Polka Dot Texture

14_Vintage Polka Dot Texture

Vintage Polka Dot Texture

15. Faded Mauve Vintage Photoshop Textures

15_Faded Mauve Vintage Photoshop Textures

Faded Mauve Vintage Photoshop Textures

16. Purple Vintage Circles

16_Purple Vintage Circles

Purple Vintage Circles

17. Vintage Textures from Jodys Photography

17_Vintage Textures from Jodys Photography

Vintage Textures from Jodys Photography

18. Vintage Background For Portraits

18_Vintage Background For Portraits

Vintage Background For Portraits

19. Vintage Grunge Texture

19_Vintage Grunge Texture

Vintage Grunge Texture

20. Vintage Pea Green Textures

20_Vintage Pea Green Textures

Vintage Pea Green Textures

21. Vintage Textures

21_Vintage Textures

Vintage Textures

22. Vintage Texture I

22_Vintage Texture I

Vintage Texture I

23. Vintage Postcard Back

23_Vintage Postcard Back

Vintage Postcard Back

24. Vintage Wallpaper Texture

24_Vintage Wallpaper Texture

Vintage Wallpaper Texture

25. Grungy Vintage Textures

25_Grungy Vintage Textures

Grungy Vintage Textures

26. Vintage Strip Texture

26_Vintage Strip Texture

Vintage Strip Texture

27. Simple Vintage

27_Simple Vintage

Simple Vintage

28. Grungy Vintage Background

28_Grungy Vintage Background

Grungy Vintage Background

29. Vintage Texture II

29_Vintage Texture II

Vintage Texture II

30. May Vintage

30_May Vintage

May Vintage

31. Vintage Newspaper

31_Vintage Newspaper

Vintage Newspaper

32. Vintage Paper

32_Vintage Paper

Vintage Paper

33. Dark Vintage Diamond Texture

33_Dark Vintage Diamond Texture

Dark Vintage Diamond Texture

34. Lets Go Vintage

34_Lets Go Vintage

Lets Go Vintage

35. Vintage Envelope

35_Vintage Envelope

Vintage Envelope

36. Brown Hotel Wallpaper Texture

36_Brown Hotel Wallpaper Texture

Brown Hotel Wallpaper Texture

37. Marble Texture

37_Marble Texture

Marble Texture

38. Vintage Sheet Music Texture

38_Vintage Sheet Music Texture

Vintage Sheet Music Texture

39. Vintage Lust IV

39_Vintage Lust IV

Vintage Lust IV

40. Grunge Edge Brush

40_Grunge Edge Brush

Grunge Edge Brush


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