60 High Quality Free Gimp Brushes

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source image editing graphic software that can easily work on OS X systems, Linux and Windows. GIMP is an excellent and an attractive option if you are willing to design graphics for your web page.

In addition to detailed image retouching and free-form drawing, GIMP can accomplish essential image editing tasks such as resizing, editing, and cropping photos, photomontages combining multiple images, and converting between different image formats.

Let have a look on these 60 High Quality Free Gimp Brushes that will be perfect for any project you may happen to be working on. Here are other interesting articles on Cursive Fonts, Wood Fonts, Free High Quality Fonts and Free Vintage Textures.

1. GIMP Chinese Dragons

1_GIMP Chinese Dragons

GIMP Chinese Dragons

2. Lamb Set 3 by L4mb

2_Lamb Set 3 by L4mb

Lamb Set 3 by L4mb

3. GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

3_GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

4. GIMP Scratchies

4_GIMP Scratchies

GIMP Scratchies




6. GIMP Flower Brushes

6_GIMP Flower Brushes

GIMP Flower Brushes

7. GIMP Floral Set 1

7_GIMP Floral Set 1

GIMP Floral Set 1

8. GIMP Dark Wings

8_GIMP Dark Wings

GIMP Dark Wings

9. GIMP Rise Brushes

9_GIMP Rise Brushes

GIMP Rise Brushes

10. GIMP Arrogance Grunge II

10_GIMP Arrogance Grunge II

GIMP Arrogance Grunge II

11. Gimp Grunge Brushes 2

11_Gimp Grunge Brushes 2

Gimp Grunge Brushes 2

12. Grunge brush set 3

12_Grunge brush set 3

Grunge brush set 3

13. GIMP Inner Universe Brushes

13_GIMP Inner Universe Brushes

GIMP Inner Universe Brushes

14. GIMP Cloud Brushes

14_GIMP Cloud Brushes

GIMP Cloud Brushes

15. More Mask Brushes

15_More Mask Brushes

More Mask Brushes

16. Daisy Brushes For The GIMP

16_Daisy Brushes For The GIMP

Daisy Brushes For The GIMP

17. GIMP Floral Set 2

17_GIMP Floral Set 2

GIMP Floral Set 2

18. GIMP Bed of Roses

18_GIMP Bed of Roses

GIMP Bed of Roses

19. GIMP Galactic Brushes

19_GIMP Galactic Brushes

GIMP Galactic Brushes

20. GIMP Odysee Brushes

20_GIMP Odysee Brushes

GIMP Odysee Brushes

21. Blood Brushes by KeRen-R

21_Blood Brushes by KeRen-R

Blood Brushes by KeRen-R

22. GIMP Hearts

22_GIMP Hearts

GIMP Hearts

23. Nitro Brushes

23_Nitro Brushes

Nitro Brushes




25. Music Brushes

25_Music Brushes

Music Brushes

26. Grunge Rising Sun GIMP Brushes

26_Grunge Rising Sun GIMP Brushes

Grunge Rising Sun GIMP Brushes

27. Cracks Brushes

27_Cracks Brushes

Cracks Brushes

28. xBlblx's Grunge Brush set

28_xBlblx's Grunge Brush set

xBlblx's Grunge Brush set

29. GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants

29_GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants

GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants

30. Cloudy Brushes Version Gimp

30_Cloudy Brushes Version Gimp

Cloudy Brushes Version Gimp

31. Wings Brushes Gimp

31_Wings Brushes Gimp

Wings Brushes Gimp

32. Feather Brushes

32_Feather Brushes

Feather Brushes

33. Splatter Brushes

33_Splatter Brushes

Splatter Brushes

34. Kanji Gimp Brushes

34_Kanji Gimp Brushes

Kanji Gimp Brushes

35. GIMP Swirls II Brushes

35_GIMP Swirls II Brushes

GIMP Swirls II Brushes

36. GIMP Floral Set 3

36_GIMP Floral Set 3

GIMP Floral Set 3

37. Flower Brushes

37_Flower Brushes

Flower Brushes

38. GIMP Sparklies Brushes

38_GIMP Sparklies Brushes

GIMP Sparklies Brushes




40. Light Beam Brushes - GIMP

40_Light Beam Brushes - GIMP

Light Beam Brushes - GIMP

41. GIMP Floral I

41_GIMP Floral I

GIMP Floral I

42. GIMP Bamboo

42_GIMP Bamboo

GIMP Bamboo

43. GIMP Snowflakes

43_GIMP Snowflakes

GIMP Snowflakes

44. Star Brushes For Gimp

44_Star Brushes For Gimp

Star Brushes For Gimp

45. GIMP Eyelashes Brushes

45_GIMP Eyelashes Brushes

GIMP Eyelashes Brushes

46. GIMP Lightning Brushes

46_GIMP Lightning Brushes

GIMP Lightning Brushes

47. Gimp Brushes Dead Trees

47_Gimp Brushes Dead Trees

Gimp Brushes Dead Trees

48. GIMP Aurora Brushes

48_GIMP Aurora Brushes

GIMP Aurora Brushes

49. GIMP Hearts of Roses

49_GIMP Hearts of Roses

GIMP Hearts of Roses

50. GIMP Odysee Brushes

50_GIMP Odysee Brushes

GIMP Odysee Brushes

51. GIMP Wavy Hair Brushes

51_GIMP Wavy Hair Brushes

GIMP Wavy Hair Brushes

52. GIMP Stars of Heaven

52_GIMP Stars of Heaven

GIMP Stars of Heaven

53. GIMP Pretty Stars

53_GIMP Pretty Stars

GIMP Pretty Stars

54. Spiky Stars

54_Spiky Stars

Spiky Stars

55. Scriptbrushes Gimp

55_Scriptbrushes Gimp

Scriptbrushes Gimp

56. VectorGrunge Brushes

56_VectorGrunge Brushes

VectorGrunge Brushes

57. GIMP Pixie Brushes

57_GIMP Pixie Brushes

GIMP Pixie Brushes

58. GIMP Green Lotus Brushes

58_GIMP Green Lotus Brushes

GIMP Green Lotus Brushes

59. GIMP Edge Brushes

59_GIMP Edge Brushes

GIMP Edge Brushes

60. GIMP Flames Brushes

60_GIMP Flames Brushes

GIMP Flames Brushes


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