25 Absolutely Stunning Sand Sculptures

Sculptures can be made nearly out of everything. While I was searching for some images I saw a photo of a sand sculpture and was impressed, what people can do out of sand and also how big and detailed they can be, just awesome.

Sand sculpture as an art form has become very popular in recent years especially in coastal beach areas. Hundreds of annual competitions are held all over the world. In this post, We will feature some absolutely stunning examples of sand sculpture that will surely amaze you. Enjoy!

1. Toytopia



2. Work in Progress Finished

2_Work in Progress Finished

Work in Progress Finished

3. Sandsation No Face

3_Sandsation No Face

Sandsation No Face

4. Creepy Crawlies

4_Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies

5. Moments In History

5_Moments In History

Moments In History

6. Sand Sculpture

6_Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpture

7. World of Sand 7

7_World of Sand 7

World of Sand 7

8. Dinostory



9. Roachtron



10. Toy Wall

10_Toy Wall

Toy Wall

11. Sewer Rats

11_Sewer Rats

Sewer Rats

12. Moments In History - Cleopatra

12_Moments In History - Cleopatra

Moments In History - Cleopatra

13. Detail From Snow White In Sand

13_Detail From Snow White In Sand

Detail From Snow White In Sand

14. Petronas Towers

14_Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

15. Triceratops



16. Cerberus



17. Looney Tunes

17_Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes

18. Sand sculpture

18_Sand sculpture

Sand sculpture

19. Sand Sculpture

19_Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpture

20. Dead Roach

20_Dead Roach

Dead Roach

21. Moments in History - Washington

21_Moments in History - Washington

Moments in History - Washington

22. Sand Sculpture

22_Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpture

23. Dino Wall

23_Dino Wall

Dino Wall

24. Bee Boy The Beekeeper

24_Bee Boy The Beekeeper

Bee Boy The Beekeeper

25. Sand Sculptures Jesolo I

25_Sand Sculptures Jesolo I

Sand Sculptures Jesolo I


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