25 Funny Billboards and Signs

Design inspiration is a big field and we have already shared some interesting articles about Business Cards, Catalog Designs and Gig Posters. These inspirations really need some professional online printing services like color brochure printing at UPrinting for refined and professional look.

Today, let have some inspiration with fun and humor. You have seen a lot of signs and billboards while traveling on the road. Among these – humorous and funny billboards not only attract the attention but also deliver the message effectively. Designing an attention grabbing signs and billboards with a nice matrix of fun and humor is not an easy task. Let have a look on these 25 funny billboards and signs advertising which are fabulous and creative.

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1. Oldtimer Restaurants - Tunnel

1_Oldtimer Restaurants - Tunnel

Oldtimer Restaurants - Tunnel

2. Anando Milk - Building

2_Anando Milk - Building

Anando Milk - Building

3. Berger - Sky

3_Berger - Sky

Berger - Sky

4. Axe - Emergency Exit sign

4_Axe - Emergency Exit sign

Axe - Emergency Exit sign

5. BMW - Checkmate

5_BMW - Checkmate

BMW - Checkmate

6. Calgary International Film Festival - Crying billboard

6_Calgary International Film Festival - Crying billboard

Calgary International Film Festival - Crying billboard

7. Coca-Cola Straw, Ladder

7_Coca-Cola Straw, Ladder

Coca-Cola Straw, Ladder

8. Interbest Outdoor - Woman

8_Interbest Outdoor - Woman

Interbest Outdoor - Woman

9. Colorado State Patrol - Billboard Collision

9_Colorado State Patrol - Billboard Collision

Colorado State Patrol - Billboard Collision

10. Dairy Milk Billboard

10_Dairy Milk Billboard

Dairy Milk Billboard

11. Bic Razor - Billboard

11_Bic Razor - Billboard

Bic Razor - Billboard

12. DHL - Maze

12_DHL - Maze

DHL - Maze

13. Formula Toothcare - Bite

13_Formula Toothcare - Bite

Formula Toothcare - Bite

14. Frontline Mall

14_Frontline Mall

Frontline Mall

15. Frizz Da Salon - Skin Care

15_Frizz Da Salon - Skin Care

Frizz Da Salon - Skin Care

16. Hotwheels - Curl

16_Hotwheels - Curl

Hotwheels - Curl

17. Coffee Dispenser

17_Coffee Dispenser

Coffee Dispenser

18. TV3 - Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

18_TV3 - Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

TV3 - Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

19. McDonald's - Billboards 200m-197m

19_McDonald's - Billboards 200m-197m

McDonald's - Billboards 200m-197m

20. Gold's Gym - Emergency Exit

20_Gold's Gym - Emergency Exit

Gold's Gym - Emergency Exit

21. Maker’s Mark - Liquor

21_Maker’s Mark - Liquor

Maker’s Mark - Liquor

22. Mars Chilled - Tongue

22_Mars Chilled - Tongue

Mars Chilled - Tongue

23. Quitplan - Big Butt

23_Quitplan - Big Butt

Quitplan - Big Butt

24. Penline Stationery - Strong Tape

24_Penline Stationery - Strong Tape

Penline Stationery - Strong Tape

25. Real Hip Hop - Black Power

25_Real Hip Hop - Black Power

Real Hip Hop - Black Power


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