25 Striking Wall Sticker Designs for Inspiration

In today’s modern world, printing industry has multiple dimensions, it ranges from conventional to modern, standard to magnet printing and a vast variety of new innovative disciplines. Today we are going to showcase the most eye-catching piece of art printing i.e. wall art. While some people consider having their walls painted to make their rooms look more lively, another option would be to decorate them with wall stickers.

If you have a look on the collections of wall stickers you will find a very vast variety in the sticker printing industry. Wall sticker category is composed of children stickers, sticker for offices, hotels or restaurants, bed rooms, sitting areas etc.

Whether you buy the custom stickers or design them yourself, the design possibilities are just endless! Below are 25 eye-catching and striking wall sticker designs examples which gives you an insight that how creative and vast is the field of sticker art and what a wonderful touch it can give to the interior decor of your premises.

1. Work Hard Stay Humble

1_Work Hard Stay Humble

Work Hard Stay Humble

2. Children's Cherry Blossom Tree

2_Children's Cherry Blossom Tree

Children's Cherry Blossom Tree

3. In this House

3_In this House

In this House

4. Birch Tree Forest

4_Birch Tree Forest

Birch Tree Forest

5. World Map Large

5_World Map Large

World Map Large

6. Kids Tree with Birds

6_Kids Tree with Birds

Kids Tree with Birds

7. House Rules

7_House Rules

House Rules

8. Love NY

8_Love NY

Love NY

9. Walls



10. Knights vs Dragon

10_Knights vs Dragon

Knights vs Dragon

11. Monstrinhos



12. Under Water Scene

12_Under Water Scene

Under Water Scene

13. Owl on a Branch

13_Owl on a Branch

Owl on a Branch

14. Bee Hive

14_Bee Hive

Bee Hive

15. ABC Tree

15_ABC Tree

ABC Tree

16. Banksy Girl Heart

16_Banksy Girl Heart

Banksy Girl Heart

17. Floral Heart

17_Floral Heart

Floral Heart

18. Keep Calm

18_Keep Calm

Keep Calm

19. Fluffy Clouds

19_Fluffy Clouds

Fluffy Clouds

20. Happy Circus

20_Happy Circus

Happy Circus

21. Dinosaur Time

21_Dinosaur Time

Dinosaur Time

22. Eyesticks



23. Sitting Birds with Bunting

23_Sitting Birds with Bunting

Sitting Birds with Bunting

24. Banksy Balloon Girl

24_Banksy Balloon Girl

Banksy Balloon Girl

25. Dining Corner in Modern Minimalistic Apartment

25_Dining Corner in Modern Minimalistic Apartment

Dining Corner in Modern Minimalistic Apartment


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