20 Stunning Gig Posters

The gig poster scene isn’t exactly the best kept secret among music fiends like myself. It is a tradition that started in the 60′s and is still going strong. As a designer, one of the most creative pieces of work you may be asked to do is to design a gig poster. Unlike web sites, logos & apps, gig posters are unique in that they only have minimal design constraints.

Whether you are just having fun or for a client, posters are a great way to experiment with different kinds of design. It’s a big space and there are no folds. If it is for a client, you are usually designing for someone that want something different and edgy. So lets take a look at how some people have designed some posters for concerts and bands.

1. Cody Fennell

1_Cody Fennell

Cody Fennell

2. Moctezuma



3. The National Gig Poster (Sad Version)

3_The National Gig Poster (Sad Version)

The National Gig Poster (Sad Version)

4. Gig Posters 2010

4_Gig Posters 2010

Gig Posters 2010

5. Michael Waksman

5_Michael Waksman

Michael Waksman

6. Sophie Lo

6_Sophie Lo

Sophie Lo

7. Gina Kelly

7_Gina Kelly

Gina Kelly

8. Completeandtotalliar



9. Acoustic Night Poster

9_Acoustic Night Poster

Acoustic Night Poster

10. VUTP Gig Poster

10_VUTP Gig Poster

VUTP Gig Poster

11. Scrojo



12. Decabet



13. Juliette and The Licks

13_Juliette and The Licks

Juliette and The Licks

14. The Wooden Sky

14_The Wooden Sky

The Wooden Sky

15. The Silent Giants

15_The Silent Giants

The Silent Giants

16. David Ayala

16_David Ayala

David Ayala

17. Shaun Flynn

17_Shaun Flynn

Shaun Flynn

18. The Ringo Jets

18_The Ringo Jets

The Ringo Jets

19. Chris Bilheimer

19_Chris Bilheimer

Chris Bilheimer

20. Scrojo




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