25 Unique Catalog Design Ideas to Spark Creativity

Catalog design is more than just making a collection of creative, colorful pages for flipping through it to get an overall idea of the product or service. To stand out, some designers give that extra touch to the design. Catalogs helps to create a buzz that force users to buy the product even if they don’t really need that product.

Here we are presenting a showcase of 25 unique examples of catalog design to spark your creativity. Catalogs are an extremely powerful offline promotional tool that can furnish an enormous boost to a marketing campaign if it is applied appropriately. Since it represents the brand image of an organization, you want to make it appear as striking as possible.

1. Toyoko Catalog

15_Toyoko Catalog

Toyoko Catalog

2. MAS Catalog

2_MAS Catalog

MAS Catalog

3. Supercars Asia 2012

3_Supercars Asia 2012

Supercars Asia 2012

4. ISTD 2010

4_ISTD 2010

ISTD 2010

5. Jesel Catalog Volume 10

5_Jesel Catalog Volume 10

Jesel Catalog Volume 10

6. Pershing Yacht Catalog

6_Pershing Yacht Catalog

Pershing Yacht Catalog

7. Moharm Basha Catalog

7_Moharm Basha Catalog

Moharm Basha Catalog

8. Catalogue - Booklet

8_Catalogue - Booklet

Catalogue - Booklet

9. Museale Forstyrrelser

9_Museale Forstyrrelser

Museale Forstyrrelser

10. G-Shock Catalog

10_G-Shock Catalog

G-Shock Catalog

11. Catalog of Evaluation & Design Process

11_Catalog of Evaluation & Design Process

Catalog of Evaluation & Design Process

12. Catalog Design

12_Catalog Design

Catalog Design

13. Sibos 2010

13_Sibos 2010

Sibos 2010

14. Dress Me Catalogue

14_Dress Me Catalogue

Dress Me Catalogue

15. Typographic Catalog

1_Typographic Catalog

Typographic Catalog

16. Croatian Graphic Triennial Catalog

16_Croatian Graphic Triennial Catalog

Croatian Graphic Triennial Catalog

17. Pliva Annual Report

17_Pliva Annual Report

Pliva Annual Report

18. Sim Lex Catalog

18_Sim Lex Catalog

Sim Lex Catalog

19. Typefaces Catalog

19_Typefaces Catalog

Typefaces Catalog

20. Type Catalog

20_Type Catalog

Type Catalog

21. Tanishq Catalog

21_Tanishq Catalog

Tanishq Catalog

22. Croatian Insurance Market Annual Report

22_Croatian Insurance Market Annual Report

Croatian Insurance Market Annual Report

23. Catalog



24. Sessions Snow catalogue 2010

24_Sessions Snow catalogue 2010

Sessions Snow catalogue 2010

25. Stili D Fashion Catalog

25_Stili D Fashion Catalog

Stili D Fashion Catalog


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