35 Breathtaking Examples of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is probably the most amazing part of nature photography. In order to capture breathtaking photos a wildlife photographer should possess good field craft and stalking skills and should be aware any time that a wild animal behavior is unpredictable.

Knowledge about animal’s behavior is very important to to protect himself and the animals as well. One may also need stalking skills so that he can follow the subject without being noticed. A wildlife photographer has to be extra careful and would see to it that he will not frighten the animals for it might harm him and the animals as well.

In this article you’ll find a collection of 35 great wildlife photos that I’m sure you’ll like and appreciate the photographers effort for capturing such amazing wildlife moments.

1. Green Vine Snake

34_Green Vine Snake

Green Vine Snake

2. Mountain Lion

2_Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

3. Eyes



4. Lazy Lion Cubs

4_Lazy Lion Cubs

Lazy Lion Cubs

5. Puffins



6. Spotted Owlet

6_Spotted Owlet

Spotted Owlet

7. Kiss



8. Short Eared Owl in Flight

8_Short Eared Owl in Flight

Short Eared Owl in Flight

9. Oops



10. Friendship



11. Cheetah Chasing Gazelle

11_Cheetah Chasing Gazelle

Cheetah Chasing Gazelle

12. Looking for Food

12_Looking for Food

Looking for Food

13. Common Loon

13_Common Loon

Common Loon

14. The Jackal Family

14_The Jackal Family

The Jackal Family

15. Three



16. Barn Swallows

16_Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows

17. Lady and the Tramp

17_Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

18. Ta Da!

18_Ta Da!

Ta Da!

19. Affection



20. Wildebeest Running

20_Wildebeest Running

Wildebeest Running

21. Flamingos at Sunset. Nakuru. Kenya.

21_Flamingos at Sunset. Nakuru. Kenya.

Flamingos at Sunset. Nakuru. Kenya.

22. Cranes in the Fog

22_Cranes in the Fog

Cranes in the Fog

23. With Attitude

23_With Attitude

With Attitude

24. Deer with Sunrays

24_Deer with Sunrays

Deer with Sunrays

25. A Flick of the Tail

25_A Flick of the Tail

A Flick of the Tail

26. Soaking Wet Cheetahs

26_Soaking Wet Cheetahs

Soaking Wet Cheetahs

27. Lean on Me

27_Lean on Me

Lean on Me

28. The Horde

28_The Horde

The Horde

29. Galloping White Horses

29_Galloping White Horses

Galloping White Horses

30. Fox



31. Last Breath

31_Last Breath

Last Breath

32. Lazy Whoppers

32_Lazy Whoppers

Lazy Whoppers

33. Leopard and Prey

33_Leopard and Prey

Leopard and Prey

34. Ornate Day Gecko, Mauritius

1_Ornate Day Gecko, Mauritius

Ornate Day Gecko, Mauritius

35. He Went That Way

35_He Went That Way

He Went That Way


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