20 Cool Android Wallpapers

The wallpaper is one of the most basic customizations on any computing device, be it your computer screen or your phone. It is the one thing most of us change the moment we get our hands on a new device. — and, if you’re like me, every few days.

The Android Operating System has had great success and is more and more common in smartphones nowadays. Due to their great success, we have decided to bring you today 20 cool wallpapers from Android so you can use them on your smartphones! Hopefully you will all enjoy them, feel free to drop us your opinions!

1. Android Street Acid

1_Android Street Acid

Android Street Acid

2. Google Android

2_Google Android

Google Android

3. Android



4. Android



5. Android Pride

5_Android Pride

Android Pride

6. Android Wallpaper

6_Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper

7. EgFox Android HD 2010

7_EgFox Android HD 2010

EgFox Android HD 2010

8. Green Android

8_Green Android

Green Android

9. Android Robot Wallpaper

9_Android Robot Wallpaper

Android Robot Wallpaper

10. Android Wallpaper

10_Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper

11. Android



12. Android Wallpaper

12_Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper

13. Android Wallpaper

13_Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper

14. Opera Mobile Android Wallpaper

14_Opera Mobile Android Wallpaper

Opera Mobile Android Wallpaper

15. Android Wallpaper 3

15_Android Wallpaper 3

Android Wallpaper 3

16. Android Aluminium Wallpaper

16_Android Aluminium Wallpaper

Android Aluminium Wallpaper

17. ID Android Surabaya

17_ID Android Surabaya

ID Android Surabaya

18. Tron Android - Large Cyan

18_Tron Android - Large Cyan

Tron Android - Large Cyan

19. Android



20. Android Contains

20_Android Contains

Android Contains


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