35 Cool Graffiti Wallpapers

Graffiti art is probably one of the most controversial art forms. It dated back in ancient times and still existed in the modern days such as ours. Today, graffiti art is usually expressed using paints and spray paints as well as permanent markers.Also labeled as art crimes, graffiti painting continues to exist despite the fact that writing on walls, especially in public places, is punishable by law. Graffiti art is also commonly used as a medium to express social and political opinion of artists.

There is so much more to just the simple Graffiti touch you may find but how creatively done they are in that sense. In the modern world today, there are just a lot of updating to do especially when it comes to art and even when it comes to the graffito experience for your desktop.

Feel free to click through and even choose! Here we go with our newest collection of 35 Cool Graffiti Wallpapers.

1. 3D Techy

1_3D Techy

3D Techy

2. BlacK DragoN Wallpaper

2_BlacK DragoN Wallpaper

BlacK DragoN Wallpaper

3. 3D Graffiti Sketch 96

3_3D Graffiti Sketch 96

3D Graffiti Sketch 96

4. Wallpaper Sketch

4_Wallpaper Sketch

Wallpaper Sketch

5. Hardcore 3d Graffiti Promotional Piece

5_Hardcore 3d Graffiti Promotional Piece

Hardcore 3d Graffiti Promotional Piece

6. Mugen - Samurai Champloo

6_Mugen - Samurai Champloo

Mugen - Samurai Champloo

7. Graffiti Generator

7_Graffiti Generator

Graffiti Generator

8. Freestyle



9. Graffiti Keele and Bloor

9_Graffiti Keele and Bloor

Graffiti Keele and Bloor

10. Kaos



11. Dance Graffiti Widescreen

11_Dance Graffiti Widescreen

Dance Graffiti Widescreen

12. Pink



13. 3d Digital Graffiti

13_3d Digital Graffiti

3d Digital Graffiti

14. Graffittii



15. 3d Digital Graffiti

15_3d Digital Graffiti

3d Digital Graffiti

16. Reign V

16_Reign V

Reign V

17. 3D Graffiti Platinum

17_3D Graffiti Platinum

3D Graffiti Platinum

18. Another Optimist

18_Another Optimist

Another Optimist

19. Graffitechnica



20. Punk Master Wallpaper

20_Punk Master Wallpaper

Punk Master Wallpaper

21. 3D Graffiti Sketch 70

21_3D Graffiti Sketch 70

3D Graffiti Sketch 70

22. FreeStyle Graffiti

22_FreeStyle Graffiti

FreeStyle Graffiti

23. Don't Know What You Want

23_Don't Know What You Want

Don't Know What You Want

24. 3d Graffiti Master

24_3d Graffiti Master

3d Graffiti Master

25. Graffiti Technica Redline

25_Graffiti Technica Redline

Graffiti Technica Redline

26. Move Wallpaper

26_Move Wallpaper

Move Wallpaper

27. 01 Wallpaper Less is More

27_01 Wallpaper Less is More

01 Wallpaper Less is More

28. Abstract



29. Devious Green Light Reflexions WP

29_Devious Green Light Reflexions WP

Devious Green Light Reflexions WP

30. Wallflower



31. Tagilicous



32. Graffitti in the Ghetto

32_Graffitti in the Ghetto

Graffitti in the Ghetto

33. Caallumm Graffiti Wallpaper

33_Caallumm Graffiti Wallpaper

Caallumm Graffiti Wallpaper

34. JMKit - Logo Wallpaper 3 Black

34_JMKit - Logo Wallpaper 3 Black

JMKit - Logo Wallpaper 3 Black

35. Urban Wallpaper

35_Urban Wallpaper

Urban Wallpaper


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