20 Free 3 Column WordPress Themes

Lot of Premium and Free themes are available for the WordPress platform due to its large community and popularity. WordPress is no-doubt – a best, professional and biggest blogging and CMS platform. Galaxy is a project of PixelPetal which is beautiful and Free WordPress theme for the WordPress community.

Today, we put together 20 cool and free 3 Column WordPress Themes to meet your needs. You may also be interested in our other articles on free wordpress themes 2012, popular wordpress plugins, jQuery Slider and Cursive Font.

1. WordPress Theme – Xplosive

1_WordPress Theme – Xplosive

WordPress Theme – Xplosive

2. Atlantis



3. Demet



4. Elements of SEO – Wordpress Theme

4_Elements of SEO – Wordpress Theme

Elements of SEO – Wordpress Theme

5. Simple Balance 2.0 – Free Simple WordPress Theme

5_Simple Balance 2.0 – Free Simple WordPress Theme

Simple Balance 2.0 – Free Simple WordPress Theme

6. Grunge Style

6_Grunge Style

Grunge Style

7. Neoclassical Theme for WordPress

7_Neoclassical Theme for WordPress

Neoclassical Theme for WordPress

8. WordPress Theme - Ayumi

8_WordPress Theme - Ayumi

WordPress Theme - Ayumi

9. Grass Roots

9_Grass Roots

Grass Roots

10. Irresistible



11. Pride WordPress Theme

11_Pride WordPress Theme

Pride WordPress Theme

12. WordPress Theme - Padangan

12_WordPress Theme - Padangan

WordPress Theme - Padangan

13. Black and White

13_Black and White

Black and White

14. WordPress Theme - Oxygenous

14_WordPress Theme  - Oxygenous

WordPress Theme - Oxygenous

15. PixDesign Silver

15_PixDesign Silver

PixDesign Silver

16. Fervens Theme

16_Fervens Theme

Fervens Theme

17. WP Imagination – Free WordPress Theme

17_WP Imagination – Free WordPress Theme

WP Imagination – Free WordPress Theme

18. Shaken Grid - Lite

18_Shaken Grid - Lite

Shaken Grid - Lite

19. The Morning After

19_The Morning After

The Morning After

20. Aristo




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