10 Most Popular Ad Free Widgets for Drupal

Users who choose Drupal hosting do so because they have a business objective in mind. Typically, plugins or widgets from CMSs are not required or wanted by Drupal users, but there are some that are important and popular. Here are 10 useful popular widgets used on Drupal.

1. Ecwid Widget Suite

The Ecwid widget offers multiple deals in one package. It is technically a suite for turnkey e-commerce solutions, which is perfect for people choosing Drupal hosting. The suite serves up six individual widgets specifically designed to improve the financial efforts of the website. By itself, each widget within the suite is easy to implement, lightweight, simple and streamlined for enhanced functionality. The following widgets are offered within the Ecwid widget suite:

  • The Product Browser
  • Minicart and Bag
  • Horizontal Categories
  • Vertical Categories
  • Search Box
  • Add To Cart

2. Yotpo Reviews

In e-commerce website circles, something called social shopping has become quite popular. The Yotpo Reviews widget is designed to take advantage of the popularity. It turns the products offered by a site into something sharable, which is a boon to inventory and business. By making inventory sharable, products have the chance to achieve viral popularity. In addition to offering brand recognition, it will appear as a widget on every product-offering page, and visitors will be allowed to rate products, write reviews and read other reviews.

3. Shopial

Shopial has the potential to become a gigantic widget, but the size is all within the control of the user. Shopial allows easy and quick customization of the site with CTAs, styling options and more. The bonus to the service is the option to upload the entire website front onto Facebook, and it gives users access to social button widgets too. The social button widget allows products or services to be uploaded to major social media networks. The following are additional functions of the Shopial Widget:

  • Social analytics
  • Encrypted Cloud Service
  • Internationalized language settings
  • Instantaneous updates
  • Excellent service and support

4. Shopify

Shopify enables advertisements or reviews to easily be published on other sites or blogs. One product, a collection of products or sets of product collections can be displayed on the user’s website or any other website allowing the user access to the coding. The Shopify widget also allows the following additional perks:

  • Product can be embedded anywhere on the site or other sites allowing access.
  • It includes links to pages, carts or straight to the checkout page.
  • It allows the user to customize the widget using style settings.

5. WebEngage

The WebEngage widget is specifically designed for visitor feedback. It allows users to make custom feedback forms, customize surveys, acquire visitor data and calculate it into an easily readable format. It is a top-tier widget for feedback gathering. The ability to target specific groups for surveys and feedback mining aids users in split-testing endeavors. The following are some of the additional benefits of WebEngage:

  • Direct response options to customer feedback
  • Multiple data reports on collected analytics
  • Customized form creation
  • Real-time statistics collection

6. ShipWorks

The ShipWorks widget deals with a facet of business that goes frequently unnoticed, which is the concept of fulfillment. An online commerce site is worthless if it can’t deliver its goods or services. This widget makes tedious and mentally agonizing shipping tasks simple by automating them. It takes all order data and compiles it into a singular form. This allows the user to decide the orders to ship in an organized manner, so that products are delivered on schedule. Obtaining the widget and signing up for an account allows the user to automatically create the following:

  • Emails
  • Invoices
  • Lists and Reports
  • Labels

7. Shipping Easy

The Shipping Easy widget is another popular widget similar to the one listed above, and it is being listed here because having options is important in running a website. It is also centered around product and service fulfillment for customers. The difference between Shipping Easy and Shipworks is Shipping Easy allows unmediated combining with a variety of storefront platforms. It is fully able to integrate with Ecwid. It is a lot like Shipworks, and it also allows for some helpful initial functions, such as the following:

  • Label generation
  • Report creation
  • Automatic online store updates
  • Package tracking

8. TheFind

TheFind widget is another suite made up of four widgets. TheFind is different than the other popular widgets on this list because it is a function for site owners and potential buyers. The easiest way to describe it as a whole widget, since it is composed of four different ones, is to call it a data aggregate widget. It takes the site’s data for a product or service and compares it to data for the same or similar product or service across the entire web. The following widgets are what TheFind widget suite is composed of:

  • Search
  • FindIt
  • Shoplinks
  • Marketplace

9. Linnworks

The Linnworks widget is a popular tool used for ordering, shipping and managing inventory. Linnworks users are able to construct mass lists of their stock and advertise the lists on popular sites for shopping. Finally, it nearly automates the entire shipping process by sending orders straight to whomever is delivering them. The simplicity and usefulness of this widget easily explains its popularity on Drupal, which is not known for trying to integrate widgets or plugins.

10. PayPal Donation And Single Purchase Widgets

PayPal widgets are popular because PayPal is the most trusted secure method of collecting and rendering payments online. These widgets are popular on any hosting format, especially Drupal because business is the focus of its users. PayPal widgets allow the following to be done fast and easy:

  • Avoid all fees except a transaction fee
  • No part needs a PayPal account to render payment
  • Instantly accept donations or nearly all forms of e-commerce payments

These widgets are popular because they perform important functions for the serious users of Drupal. Since Drupal hosting only uses modules, there is a special technical process for adding these popular widgets to the sites. Visit this link, add some of these popular widgets and watch the profits soar.