18 Business Ideas That You Can Do Anywhere

Remember the days when you had to stay in the office from 9 to 5 and wait for the clock to let you go home? Me neither.

The world is quickly changing. Today, you can easily launch ideas and work with people from all over the globe without ever meeting them in person.

Here are 19 business ideas to get you going.

Start an Amazon FBA business

Have you ever heard of drop shipping? Why not give it a try? Now you can do it with Amazon having your back. Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) business isn’t new, but it’s still a decent business. And if you’re not sure how to manage everything, check out FBA management tools like AccelerList. With proper tools, it will be much easier.

Social Media Manager

Social media employers usually ask for multiple years of experience, but if you can display your social media skills and achievements (even if it’s on your personal accounts), it could be enough to sway few initial clients.

Freelance Graphic Designer

If your calling is making stunning visuals and lovely graphics, then you’ll love working as a graphic designer. Besides, it’s never too late to learn – get yourself an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and watch some tutorials until you’re confident enough to take on gigs.

Freelance Web Developer

The number of worldwide internet users recently passed 4 billion, and an ever-growing web constantly needs new developers. If you don’t have the skills yet, websites like Lynda.com, BitDegree.org or Codeacademy have an extensive list of courses to prepare you for the next job.

As a freelancer, you need to keep track of your time to stay productive. One quick method to do so is by using a Pomodoro timer app, which you can download here. For even more tips on productivity, check out these Mac freelance productivity apps available on Setapp.

App developer

Just like web developers, app developers are in great demand, too (if not greater). If you can program for Android or iOS devices, you might even want to start your own app. There are plenty of e-courses that will help you to get there. 


Another good idea is to leverage your filming/video editing skills. Online video content is in high demand and will continue to be so. Offer your services for local tourism, ad agencies or simply edit other people’s vlogs and soon you’ll make a living out of it.

Sell digital goods 

Digital goods include everything from templates, effect packs to filters, WordPress themes, audio files, and ebooks. Whatever digital asset you can create, it can be infinitely multiplied and continue earning your passive income for years. You can quickly sell your digital downloads via Sellfy – a popular digital goods sales tool. Check these guys out.


If you can write and sell, then you should try copywriting. Unlike traditional means of advertising, an online copywriter needs to create persuasive texts for websites, blogs, ecommerce stores and even social media.


Anyone can become a blogger and make a living out of it. Just prepare to add some hard work in the mix and you will have yourself a business.

The key to successful blogging is the ability to create compelling content, engage your users and understanding how to monetize your blog. Having a great website also helps. Tools like WordPress form plugin significantly help you to make the most out of your resources.


As a video blogger you’ll need to work relentlessly to build your channel, audience, style, and content, but once you get there, many advertising, sponsorship and affiliate marketing opportunities await. In the meantime, you can set up a Patreon account to accept fan donations.


Like vlogging, making money via podcasting takes time, but it’s also a lot of fun. The initial set up is relatively cheaper than the equipment required for vlogging and editing generally takes less time. Think about what engaging content you can create and who knows, maybe you’ll turn out to be the next John Lee Dumas.

Resume writer 

A great resume is a difference between getting a dream job and staying jobless. That’s why many people seek out for resume writers – people who can carefully craft their resume and cover letter. See the latest resume template best practices and conquer the art of resume writing.

Online Customer Service Agency 

The requirements for customer support agents are minimal since usually all you have to do is be friendly, helpful and patient. Therefore, you shouldn’t suffer from talent shortage.

If you think that responding to chats and emails is somewhat outdated, you can also help your clients to integrate more innovative customer service solutions like HelpJet Knowledge Base Software. Then you’ll surely have yourself a full-scale business.

 eBook author 

Self publishing is a dream come true for all those who dreamed about being an author. Services like Amazon Self Publishing are a great way to get yourself more passive income.

Virtual assistant 

Hiring a virtual assistant is a common practice for busy people and small/medium enterprises. As a VA, you can be asked to do anything from keeping the website updated to scheduling meetings and appointments. Naturally, don’t forget to include a complete invoicing solution to bill all your clients.

Online teacher 

Sharing is caring and so is teaching. Services like Skooli, Tutor.com or Skillshare will pay you for sharing your skills and expertise with everyone interested in learning your niche.

Stock photographer 

Many amateur photographers try to make an extra buck, but if you’re skilled and dedicated, businesses and companies will want to buy your relatable real-life pictures.

Voiceover actor 

To be a freelance voiceover actor, you need to have an expressive and pleasant voice. List your services on Fiverr and see where that gets you!

Did these job ideas ignite something in you? Let me know in the comments below.