3 Items Every Squeeze Page Needs

When you want to collect an email address from your visitors you’ll use what’s known as a squeeze page. This is a simple one-page web page with the sole intent of enticing someone to give you their email address.

There are three things your squeeze page should have if you want to get the most out of it. These are the same three things you should pay the most attention to if you notice you’re not getting as many signups as you thought you would.

1: A Captivating Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! There’s something about the way a video captures not just the eye but the mind as well. People will watch even a 20-minute video if it is captivating enough.

One of the best types of videos you can get for a squeeze page is a professional explainer video that details what your company does or what how your product works. They are especially effective when your product or service is a little hard to explain in just a few words.

You’ve likely seen an explainer video before, they are the kind that use drawings and animations as well as text in order to illustrate what the person is talking about, as they are talking about it. Visitors just love watching this kind of video, leading to greater stickiness for your squeeze page, and a higher rate of sign-ups.

2: A Compelling Call to Action

People are more cautious than ever before to give out their email address. A quick disclaimer that you will not spam them is often not enough to get them to give it to you. However, if you provide a compelling enough call to action they will enter it 9 times out of 10.

A call to action could be as simple as “Enter your e-mail address here”, but to make it compelling you’ll need to offer them something in return. Examples of successful calls to action include offering a PDF report that is aligned with their interests, promising to show them another video, or giving them a free trial, all in exchange for their email address.

3: A Thank You Page

Some may say that a thank you page is not necessary because you already have their e-mail address once they hit the submit button. But from a consumer standpoint, it is always nice to be thanked when you provide something of value, in this case an email address.

One neat tip is that you can still try to sell them on your thank you page. At the top you can earnestly thank them for signing up, welcome them, and then  go into a pitch of your product with another video. After all, they were interested enough in what you are selling to provide their email address, so you might as well ask for the sale.

Keep retooling these three items until you see the kind of conversions you were looking for. With enough tweaking you’ll be on the path to success!