3 Simple Online Marketing Tips for Artists

Having your own business can be a challenge, but this can be an especially big challenge when your business is you creating and selling your own art. Not only do you want to find commercial and financial success with your venture, but you also want your hard work and dedication to be noticed and well received, putting even more pressure on you.

One way you can help yourself grow your artistic business is to employ some simple yet effective online marketing strategies. To help you on this journey, here are three tips for having more success with your art in an online venue.

Create Your Own Website and Blog

Building your own website in which you display your art and have it available for purchase is a great way to build a community around your passion. And to make your website even more user friendly, FidelisArtPrints.com suggests for artists to include all shipping, payment and return options on your website for easier customer communication.

Regularly posting to a blog on your website will also help you in getting more traffic to your website and could result in higher sales numbers for you. Blogging could also benefit you by helping you to network with other bloggers or artists who can help you break into new markets and share your art with new people.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Marketing your art through social media channels is a fantastic way to quickly and easily spread the word about you as an artist and your specific pieces as well. And luckily for you, especially if you create visual art, there are a number of social media platforms that will work well with showcasing your pieces.

Leyl Master Black, a contributor to Mashable, suggests for artists or businesses like Park West Gallery to use a variety of social media platforms to gain exposure for their work. Some of the best platforms to take advantage of are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Having a decent following and strong social presence on these social media site could work wonders for the sale of your pieces.

Display Your Art Using Online Ads

Targeting specific groups of people using online advertisements that display your art is another great way to market your work. ArtBusiness.com shares that the best way to get more people excited about your work is to get your work in front of more people’s eyes, and using online ads can help you do just that. Consider using actual images of your work to entice Internet users to follow your ads to your website or social profiles in order to fall even more in love with your pieces.

Using the Internet and online marketing to further your professional career as an artist can really help to bring credibility and success to your business venture. Use the tips mentioned above to see just how much more you can achieve by taking advantage of all the Internet has to offer artists.