4 Partners in Crime for Your Design Crew

When you started your design business, you probably didn’t have dreams of offering a complete IT resource house to clients around the world. You know that there are scores of niches in the IT industry, and design definitely falls into the creative category. However, your clients don’t really “get that” and they want you to do everything from creating logos to IT asset management and everything in between. That’s why it’s crucial to build partnerships with fellow tech geeks to give your customers the whole digital enchilada.

You might have a few connections established, but you’re still not able to give your clients everything they want. Here are a few partners in crime to work with you in a win-win situation. When the client’s happy, you’re happy and getting paid.

1. SEO agency

Every single website needs fantastic design, but also search engine optimization (SEO) or maybe local SEO (LSEO). This is what bolsters websites up the rankings for their relevant keywords. Design is actually part of SEO (good design means better SEO), but there’s a lot more to it. Link building, mobile readiness, quality written content, and so on. Check out Search Engine Watch’s list of 2015 SEO best practices to get more ideas.

2. Web content writer

Most designers aren’t great writers and vice versa. It takes a special kind of writer to excel at web content writing, product description writing, meta tag writing, etc. Finding a web writer who’s not just brilliant at what they do but also professional and always makes deadlines can be a challenge. Sometimes only a pro writer will do, which is why Copyblogger offers tips on hiring one of these pros.

3. App developer

Having an app is one half of mobile readiness (the other is a mobile version of a website). Now that mobile readiness is here, you at least need to have a handful of great app developers in your referral corner. It’s not necessary for every website, but it will be for many.

4. Web developer

You may or may not offer this service as part of your design package. However, a web developer should have an ongoing relationship with clients, regularly testing for responsive design and making sure the pages are loading quickly. This is likely the most intimate of IT relationships you’ll have.

Coders, web hosts, troubleshooters and other IT professionals can take your small business to industry leader status.