4 Reasons to Host Your Website on a Dedicated Server

Increasing your online presence is becoming more and more challenging because of growing competition everywhere. Nevertheless, along with the growing competitive market is the convenience, efficiency, and freedom to operate your own business.

And starting a blog or an online shop has never been this easy. Just purchase a shared hosting account for $5 per month and install WordPress with one-click. Right?

Not so fast!

While this might work in the beginning, any online business will tell you that once the business starts turning a profit, you’ll start to become very protective of your business. You will not want anything to interfere with it’s success. And that means being fast and online, at all times!

Along with having to work on your building a unique and differentiated voice in a super competitive niche’, you also have to make sure:

  • Your code is light and efficient for high performance reasons
  • Your code is quality made to prevent application vulnerabilities from resulting in hacks
  • Your hosting is fully redundant to prevent downtime due to hardware failure
  • Your hosting is scalable and fast enough to ride through tsunami sized traffic spikes

When it comes to site hosting and maintenance, have you considered getting expert help? If you’re interested in learning whether a dedicated server can help, read on. We list down four reasons to consider investing in a dedicated server:

1. You will have full control of your data

The great thing about dedicated server hosting is you control your own data. Whatever you

choose to put online, you will be storing on direct attached storage dedicated exclusively for you. You will not have to worry about data loss from hard drive failure either as Hardware RAID-1 protects your server from a complete drive failure.

You can also customize your RAID level (5,6,10, or even RAID 50) if you get a dedicated server with multiple drives. But for most businesses, two enterprise hard disks in RAID-1 is a great starting point. Low cost, high performance, and you can lose ½ of the drives and still be online.

2. You will enjoy the benefits of professional hosting

Having a dedicated server lets you have and keep a personal domain name. This means that you can choose whatever website name you want so long as its available. Using a customized domain name

offers better chances for your audience to know your site and service on a personal level. Imagine gaining the both personal and professional benefits. These will be beneficial for site visits and later on, actual conversions.

3. You can set the budget based on your needs and preferences

There are plenty of dedicated hosting solutions that offer affordable but high quality services. You just need to know the features that you need and make sure they’re included in the package that you select.

Aside from budget flexibility, you can rest assure that your business is handled by an expert. Now you can focus on developing your business while letting the pros take care of the technical side.

4. You can convert your personal site to business

For those who started blogging as a hobby but wanted to turn their personal sites to business, having a dedicated server is perfect for you. Why? Well, if you self host, moving content and images from one place to another is a hassle. It’s also possible to lose data due to limited storage capacity. Whereas, if you have an independent host, you won’t have to worry about losing any information from your site no matter how old it is.

We just listed four of the many benefits of dedicated server hosting. As a final note, we understand that there are “different strokes for different folks”. Every business is unique and requires a special strategy. It’s all about finding out what works for your business and what doesn’t. From there, you can capitalise on your business strengths.