4 Website Flaws that Prevent Online Purchases

Does your company make it easy for customers to make purchases, or does your audience really have to struggle in order to navigate your webpage, learn about products, contact your customer service representatives, and place an order? In order to build an effective channel for customers to make purchases, you must look at the web through the eyes of your audience. Also pay attention to your competitors, to learn from their successes and mistakes. Here are four major flaws to avoid as you build and maintain your company website.

Convoluted Navigation

Take a look at your site map. Does it provide customers with an intuitive flow from one section and product page to the next? Or do you have a labyrinth of a website, where people get stuck in loops and dead ends? Examine your web analytics and heat maps to identify problematic areas of your website. Pay attention to user feedback, so that you can identify common areas of complain and take action to rectify these issues. Your navigation should be intuitive and so seamless, that users don’t even have to think about it.

Sparse Product Listings

Are your customers willing to take the gamble and purchase a product they know very little about? Don’t be one of those companies that simply posts a picture and title alongside each product in your inventory. Include apt descriptions that help customers understand the benefits of ownership. List features and specs in a way that is compelling and informative.

Opaque Customer Service

Ask someone who is unfamiliar with your website to attempt to get in touch with one of your customer representatives. Sit back and watch how they use your website to find contact information. Are they able to get in touch with someone on a timely basis, or do they hit multiple roadblocks? Your company should list viable and accessible customer service contact options, so that customers can ask questions and learn more about your offerings.

Prolonged Billing Processes

Are complicated billing procedures slowing down your customer interactions and slowing down your transactions? Your company can optimize billing systems with dedicated software solutions, so that you can focus on developing quality customer relationships and building pipeline.

Your company’s web presence should increase leads and sales, rather than creating business obstacles. Avoid these major website flaws to bolster your company’s digital credibility and make it easier for customers to purchase your products and services.