A Collection of Top Tech and Web Review Websites

There are plenty of review articles out there: for everything from hosting to WordPress plugins to apps to technology. But reviewer opinions are as varied as the products they rate, and it can be difficult to objectively value one reviewer’s opinion compared to another. So, in order to help readers consolidate their need for reviews of top products, and to recommend reviewers who are thorough and scientific in their approach, we’ve gathered a collection of the top tech and web review websites to meet your needs for literally everything tech and web related.

CNet Reviews

Almost everyone’s gone to CNet for reviews at least once, and for good reason. Formally the web division of giants in the industry, CBS Interactive, they’re one of the most thorough and reliable places on the web for tech reviews on pretty much everything from gadgets to shared hosting providers to software and more. They provide both professional and visitor reviews of products, and break all of their reviews down into multiple categories so that if you’re looking for specific strengths or weaknesses, they’re easy to find.

Best 10 Website Builders Reviews

Best 10 Website Builder reviews website builders such as Wix and Squarespace so that novice and professional website developers can select the best platforms to build on. Their reviews are incredibly thorough, with each review segmented into several categories so that the strengths and weaknesses of each provider can be read in detail. They provide a constantly-updated list of the best, ranked on score from best to worst, with a convenient feature comparison checklist. But the buck doesn’t stop there; on top of reviews, they publish helpful articles on everything related to building and maintaining a great website. So even if you’ve already selected a website builder, this resource is too good to pass up.

WP Site Care Reviews

WP Site Care is a firm of WordPress experts who offer professional wordpress support, with a focus on security; but they offer an absolutely stellar suite of reviews on WordPress products. They provide reviews that are deep and in-depth, with screencaps of their own usage stats and experiences, on plugins and themes. If you want professional reviews of WordPress tools that professionals use, this is the place to go.

PC Mag Reviews

A great companion to CNet, PC Mag publishes reviews on a wide variety of web and tech: everything from cameras and laptops to hosting providers, smartphone apps, and video games. Generally the best at reviewing tangible items, their roster of reviews is deep, covering tens of thousands of items organized by price, rating, and type. They give great screenshots of qualities which contribute to their reviews, and go into great detail.

ThemeGrade Reviews

ThemeGrade does what it says, and grades themes on a 1 to 100 scale! Their website is fantastic, easy to use, and categorizes WordPress themes in an easy-to-use format. Better, they provide links to preview and purchase themes yourself, and keep a running catalogue of theme publishers, informing visitors how many themes they’ve published… and how many of those themes receive good ratings. They also have an amazing theme search function which allows visitors to search their reviews for themes which meet a wide variety of specifications.

Who Is Hosting This Reviews

Don’t let the name fool you! Who Is Hosting This publishes reviews of hosting companies and providers as their primary service, and it’s easy to access all their reviews as well as their list of top providers from any page. They publish hosting coupons and organize companies by their type, cost, and specialties, as well as by rating. They also maintain an amazing roster of webmaster resources, as well as reviewing various features related to hosting.