A2 Hosting Plans and Features – All You Should Know

Plesk powers over 40% of Wordpress websites available online today, not only because it has automation capabilities but because it also have more security features. Plesk scores excellent in usability and is supported on multiple hosting platforms such as Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.

The Plesk Control Panel requires getting a paid license to use it as an individual. However, with excellent hosting packages like A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, you can get it for free. Plesk is not the only feature of A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, there are other features as well, and they are tailored toward enhancing a WordPress website performance.

There are hundreds of almost similar web hosting plans on the internet, why A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting? Here are some reasons why:

  • Turbo server; A2hosting boasts of servers that have 20X speed more than typical website servers. This feature is not a mere boast; it has been tested and confirmed. The speed is facilitated by many factors such as SSD drive, dedicated CDN servers, and so on. If you doubt why this is so important, then you should be informed that website speed has a lot to say about website performance. It boosts website SEO and does a lot more.
  • Dedicated server; a shared website server hosts hundreds of websites and these websites we utilize same resources simultaneously on this server. This is the reason why websites hosted on a shared server tend to slow. On the contrary and positively, a dedicated hosting server host a single of websites or at worst multiple websites not up to 10 on the same server. Thus competition is low, and the websites tend to perform faster. Furthermore, maximum security is guaranteed as there are fewer website prone to attack that may open loopholes on the server.
  • 99.9% uptime; a website is completely useless when it is not alive 24/7, and most of the time web servers are to be blamed. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers 99.9% uptime, which implies your website is live all the time, except when A2hosting has some maintenance to do, which is a rare case.
  • 24/7 support; A2hosting has dedicated support for Managed WordPress Hosting packages and some other packages. The support team is made up of experts that are capable of handling any error that ensues from using the Managed WordPress Hosting packages.
  • Unlimited bandwidth; bandwidth is an essential resource that keeps a website online. Bandwidth is the number of visitors that a website can receive in a particular period. If the bandwidth of the website is used up before the end of a specified period, the website will be inaccessible to visitors until the next cycle of the period comes in. This impends website uptime, but with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting packages, your website will have unlimited bandwidth. This implies that your website can receive as much visitors as possible without the fear of been put offline.
  • Free WordPress resources; WordPress is an open-source system, but its modules such as plugins and themes are not always free. The few that are free have limited functionalities. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plans comes with free WordPress themes and plugins that worth up to $50 each. This is an excellent offer because you will have to purchase them individually on a different hosting plan.
  • Automatic website backup; while running a website, an experienced website owner should know better always to have a backup because many things can crash a website. Humans may find it tedious to perform the backup task periodically, but bots won’t complain. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting performs automatic backups at your specified interval, and you can always download the backup files to your local device for more assurance.
  • Automatic updates; updating the WordPress version and some of its components is easy when the website runs with fewer components. But when a WordPress website runs a lot of plugins, updating them might become a tedious task. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting has a feature that performs automatic updates on WordPress and all its components.

These and more are the benefits of using A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting. The hosting comprises of 3 distinct plans which are quite affordable and flexible for various usages.