Best Games of 2014

Your smartphone is not only for calls, internet, texting and other sorts of communication. Tapping the phone and enjoying your time in the hotel lobbies and time on the move is so ecstatic and fun. Find the free games app that would suit your taste and start playing it. As we are about to bid adieu to 2014, this again is the right time to take a look at the games that have kept the players amused and entertained all during the year. And for sure, the 10 best games of 2014 listed here would make their way through the years to come.

Angry Birds

There would be never list of the games for the mobile phones that would not mention the Angry Birds. This game is popular not without a reason, the classic version of the game, crush the castle is still the most preferred and loved game by the iPhone owners. The app also has maintained the rank by releasing continuous updates all these 5 years. The sequels are becoming more attractive these days than the original game.


For the science fiction film fans, this is an apt game. The supernatural challenge and the element of surprise that is present all through the game, make it perfect for the ones, who love adventure and want to try dodging the squiggles. You need to be careful to avoid the planets, which are filled in the space.


This is a free game app for the players who would want to play with the slot machines without having to risk the fortune. You can enjoy the game and keep hooked to it. All you need to do is to drop the virtual coin and press the lever and the wheel spins to show what your luck is! If you are lucky, you keep unlocking all the slot levels. If you are penniless, ask your friends for gifts or wait until the next day, for the account to be reactivated. All the types of slot games are available in this package, and the best ever game for iPhone users, which is so absorbing and entertaining.

Super Stickman Golf

This is the most popular game that is played by many players even in the hotel lobbies or when they travel around for long. The golfer knocks the ball and tries to make it reach the hole, and this is in the single player mode. But it is important to finish first in a multiplayer game. The power-ups, hats, and the various levels are what one has to go through in the Anti desert golfing.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Have you ever imagined, the theory of evolution brought into the game! This game does it very beautifully. With the use of many weapons and powers, this game looks gorgeous and best game that is developed ever for the Apple devices. The thumping music blends with the game, and offers a holistic feeling of Darwinian thoughts and space world.


The lovers of puzzle game must give threes a try. The players need to keep sweeping the card on the screen to make 1 and 2 to 3 and then 2 three’s make 6 and so on. This app is limitedly produced. This game is charming and excellent when it comes to the scores.

Ridiculous Fishing

This is nothing but 3 games combined into one. The first game is to dive and move down and down into the lake, and during this process you need to keep away from the dangerous creatures. The next part is to grab all the creatures except the jellyfish. Then move to the surface, throw all the fish and shoot them. This is part three. The wiggles and the taps on the phone are common in this game, and this is a unique game that is definitely mind boggling.


Manipulate all the puzzle boxes on the screen, just by tapping. The game involves pushing the hidden button on the wooden box, and let you solve the mystery. The gothic ambiance is a real treat for the players who love games that involve a mystery.


Do you love to work as a team? Then keep controlling the ship during the chaos, and you can see that you can correlate the commands with the other users too. This is an exercise to improve the listening skills, and it is fit for kids too.


Helping the gem-addict Jasper is all you have to do by spinning throughout the game. The cute graphics and the idiosyncratic music that aptly fits the game make the game fantastic and amazing.