Can Switching to Cloud Hosting Improve SEO Rankings?

SEO is always a big issue for any business. Have you ever considered cloud hosting as a factor in your rankings before?

If you look at it from one angle, it sounds like a story someone came up with for the purposes of marketing their product. There’s actually some truth to this idea switching to cloud hosting improves how you rank in the Google search engine.

Let’s take a look at how cloud hosting can potentially influence your SEO rankings.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Firstly, we have to talk about what we mean by cloud hosting in this situation. After all, companies like Singlehop offer so many online hosting options. They can’t all mean the same thing, can they?


In short, this article refers to cloud hosting as data being stored in an online environment. In other words, you aren’t renting out part of a server in a data center somewhere, or on a server in your office.

Better Loading Times

Google uses something called the User Experience (UX) rating to rank websites. This incorporates everything to do with what the user sees, so page loading times would come under this rating.

A traditional server setup will distribute resources equally to each page. It doesn’t have the capacity to differentiate between low and high-traffic pages. If you experience a sudden increase in traffic, your site will slow down and the UX rating drops.

Cloud hosting distributes resources according to need. If you’re experiencing high-traffic, the whole site doesn’t slow down. Instead, cloud hosting thinks about what’s going on. It realizes most users are going to one or two pages.

It takes the resources from everywhere else and transfers them to these pages. It enables sites to cope with large amounts of traffic, without forcing users to pay a lot of money for expensive hosting packages.

Your UX rating goes up, or is at least maintained. This all contributes towards your final ranking.

Your Hosting Location

Smaller businesses have had to target specific areas of the world by buying certain domain suffixes. For example, if they wanted to rank in the US and the UK, they might purchase the ‘.us’ and ‘.uk’ versions of their domain names.

This can quickly increase the price you pay. If you’re using a fairly common domain name, you can quite easily spend thousands, and this is only viable for huge corporations.

Cloud hosting stores its servers in every area of the world. A locally delivered page isn’t necessarily sourced from a local data center. It could come from Australia, Russia, or the US. And Google doesn’t differentiate between data center locations.

This enables you to rank highly in multiple markets. By transferring to cloud hosting, your rank is increasing in markets where you previously had no presence. And the more markets you rank in the more likely you are to succeed in your main market.

Google sees you’re doing well elsewhere, so they assume you’re a more popular entity than your rank denotes.

Bot Protection

Bot protection is something every business should focus on. This is not about increasing your ranking. It’s about repairing your ranking and making sure nobody can destroy your ranking.

Link spamming bots are amongst the most common bots in the wide world of the Internet. They comment on blogs and spew out worthless links about how someone is making thousands of dollars a day by doing something relatively simple.

They can cause your authority rankings to decrease, and, consequently, your ranking.

Cloud hosting offers bot protection as standard. They realize how problematic it is, so they take steps to stop it.

How Big is Cloud Hosting in this Sense?

We talk about cloud hosting as if it’s the end of the world if you don’t have it. It doesn’t trump foundational SEO, such as proper keyword optimization and quality content. It’s just one more factor.

You won’t be ruining the chances of obtaining a high rank by not opting for cloud hosting. What you will be doing, though, is making the job harder for yourself and shunning an advantage.

Cloud hosting isn’t all about SEO. There are so many efficiency and cost benefits to cloud hosting in general. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed!