Cloud-based Blogs: Where Web Design and Data Meet

Cloud-based blogs are great places for you to share your opinions, express certain aspects of your business, or to collaborate on ideas with fellow like-minded creators. One thing you will note about the best blogs is they have seamless design experiences, and they are also very quick and efficient to use, and nowadays will translate beautifully to the mobile-phone based experience. To understand how this experience is created, take a trip down the path of understanding the technological benefits of knowing where design and data meet, and satisfy your curiosity about some of the details you may have not considered previously.

Cloud Benefits

With the onset of faster streaming technology as well as faster processing in desktops and mobile phones, the cloud-based experience keeps getting better for bloggers, web designers, and users alike. Real-time interaction and updates are now possible, and much of this even comes in the form of videos. Facebook, Vine, Instagram, even Pinterest; they all have vested interest in video and motion streaming technology, and this translates directly to links supplied to them via your personal and professional blogs. Instant communication is now the norm, and when well done, it is unbelievable the kind of impact that a successfully designed blog can have, whether it is for news purposes, entertainment, or even marketing.

The Importance of Learning About Data Under the Hood

If you owned a car you thought was absolutely perfect, then you wouldn’t have to worry necessarily about what was going on under the hood in the engine. You turn the key and it starts. You push the brake pedal and it stops. But in the website design world, there are advantages to understanding what goes on under the hood, in the code specifically. Much of this comes from the ability to use code to deal with large, important databases, or perhaps do final tweaking on design elements that are buried inside .css files. The point is control and comprehension in these situations, and just running on defaults will be fine until something goes wrong. At that point, troubleshooting may be impossible if you haven’t taken the time to understand the parts. Your car may have run out of oil, but you just don’t know how to check it.

Bringing It All Together

In different careers, it may not be necessary to have a thorough knowledge of both design and data elements, but increasingly, especially in the world of website design and maintenance, this is a requirement. Even as far as communication goes, being about to discuss matters with all parts of your design and coding teams will go a long way into making your vision a reality, so without knowing the vocabulary and workflow of your team, the expression and passion that goes into your work can be lost. There are even successful managers who don’t directly work with either data or design, but they simply understand the language of both well enough to facilitate the kind of work required to complete a project on time and on target.