Create Accessible Websites with the WP Accessibility Plugin

In order to create an accessible website, there are many guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines are extensive because they are designed to ensure that web developers and designers construct websites that are accessible to individuals with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to: blindness and low vision, hearing impairments, poor motor function, learning problems, Dyslexia and seizures.

While developing and designing the websites, designers and developers have to create a checklist based on the guidelines and then check each item off on the list during the entire development and design process. Fortunately, there is an outstanding plugin called the WP Accessibility Plugin that tremendously simplifies this process and ensures that all WordPress websites are accessible when it is implemented.

Correcting Critical Accessibility Problems without Technical Knowledge

Many people who build sites in WordPress lack technical knowledge. These site builders have no concept of web coding languages, like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In the past, knowing the ins and outs of HTML, CSS and JavaScript were imperative for ensuring accessibility. Thankfully, the WP Accessibility Plugin gets rid of this need, enabling individuals to create a website that conforms to accessibility standards without any technical knowledge. All that has to be done is install the plugin, and accessibility problems will be corrected almost instantly.

Problems That Are Fixed

When the WP Accessibility Plugin is installed, critical accessibility problems are fixed, no matter which WordPress theme is being used. This plugin solves accessibility problems in the following ways:

  • Removes title attributes
  • Inserts skip links.
  • Adds the website’s language as well as directions for the text in HTML elements.
  • Removes the target attributes from all of the links.
  • Force errors when search submissions are empty.
  • Will remove the tabindex from elements that are focusable.
  • Omits the title attribute from any images inserted into posts or featured images.
  • Create post titles for when there are more links.
  • Inserts an outline to elements that are on the keyboard focus.
  • Toggle that allows for switching between large font and high-contrast stylesheets.
  • Stylesheet that fixes accessibility problems within the WordPress Admin panel.
  • Provides longdesc attribute support.
  • ¬†Allows ARIA roles to be added to HTML5 structural elements.

When all of these problems are fixed, users with all types of disabilities will enjoy a fabulous browsing experience. Not to mention, site admins who are disabled will be able to have an easier time managing their websites.

While some WordPress plugins are specific to sites in a particular industry, the WP Accessibility Plugin can be used across all industry types such as those geared towards video games and toys, blogs, magazine portals and fashion websites. The WP Accessibility Plugin is effortless to configure. Within minutes, a site can be built that conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.