eCommerce DOs and DONTs: How to Avoid Losing the Online Sales

eCommerce has become the new way of selling products and the “Brick & Mortar” stores are slowly losing their significance. This is why, every retailer wants to leverage the eCommerce platform to target their audience and augment their sales. However, only a few online retailers become successful in this business.

Have you ever wondered that what makes some online stores highly successful and what are the major reasons behind the failure of other online retail stores?

Well, the foremost factor which makes an eCommerce store successful is its design. Am extraordinary design speaks volumes about the business, and when it comes to online store design becomes even more important. Every online business today needs an experienced firm with exceptional brand design development services. Apart from the design, there are many other imperative factors which play a significant role in making an online store successful and vice versa.

Here are the top eCommerce DOs and DONTs which you must consider before launching your eCommerce store.

The DOs

Pick the Right eCommerce Platform

Today, there are several platforms available for the developing the eCommerce stores, and that’s why it’s vital to choose the right platform right from the beginning. Changing the platform can be a very hassles oriented process, and may impact your sales as well. Thus, ensure that you choose a platform not only as per your current needs, but future needs as well.

Consider Branding And Design At Every Step

Your brand value is going to be the basis of your business, and the corresponding aesthetics of the store design make a significant impact on how customers perceive our brand. You are not just designing a store, but are shaping a tool with customer-facing communication. So, your focus should not only on making store’s appearance impressive, but also making the navigation easy for the customers.

Focus on Making Your Web Site Your Ultimate Sales Tool

The ultimate goal of your eCommerce website is to drive sales, and persuading the customer to purchase. This implies that while you must emphasize on marketing and social media presence, you should not forget to make your online store the epicentre of your eCommerce strategy.  So, put emphasis on designing clear CTAs, ensure that the product displays are highly appealing and product descriptions are engaging.

Target Your Marketing Efforts

While you certainly need to leverage a plethora of marketing tools to expand your online business, but, at the same time, it’s imperative to focus on the most effective and efficient efforts which best target your customer base. SEO and SMO are among the top marketing tools which you must use strategically to derive maximum benefit.


Try To Do Everything At Once

It’s true that reaching success in your marketing efforts requires a plethora of juggling activities, but it’s also vital to understand that everything cannot be done at once. Plan wisely, and set realistic goals for you.

Forget to Update Your Site Fresh

Nothing’s worse than having the online presence which looks outdated and boring. Today, consumers have become highly acclimated to shopping online, and that’s why they expect a modern and contemporary experience.  Thus, always keep your website fresh with impressive design elements, fresh content, lucrative discounts and timely promotions.

Ignore the Customer Services

The cost of acquiring a new customers is about seven times higher than retaining an existing customer. Moreover, the satisfied customers bring more customers from their network, through positive word of mouth publicity.

Thu, always focus on keeping your existing customers satisfied and provide a truly personalised care for them to ensure that they stay loyal to your brand. Interact with your customer often, and in case of any complaint or problem, help them with the right solution quickly.

Ignore the Detailing

Even the minutest details can make a huge difference to the success of the online business, so try to avoid the temptation to ignore the issues which seem inconsequential, especially when you are getting started with your online retail journey. Pay attention to detail, and ensure that each element of your eCommerce store is perfect. Serve our customers with nothing but the best.

Keep on auditing your website frequently to correct any mistakes, whether in the placement of content, in the product descriptions or anything else. Ensure that your site loads fast, and keep on conducting the website loading speed test.

Consider these Do’s and Don’ts to enhance your sales and enhance your brand’s popularity among your target audience.