Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

Small businesses struggle daily with drawing customers through the doors and becoming profitable. And most don’t have a big enough budget to afford their own employees dedicated to the marketing activities which can draw those customers in! But the downsides to that are obvious: a business without enough customers quickly ceases to exist.

For most businesses, getting customers is one of the largest challenges they’ll consistently undergo. And the digital age has, in many ways, made this harder. For example, with the advent of big-box online retailers like Amazon, customers are more likely to order small odds and ends from the big-name store they do know rather than even bother spending time heading to a retail location. And for online small business, the difficulty is even worse: consumers are wary of giving their payment information to obviously new businesses.

And most small business owners don’t have the marketing chops to beak past these barriers easily and reach the audience they need. Typically, when they begin getting desperate, they’ll set up their own marketing campaigns, throwing money uselessly at poorly-targeted and poorly-performing ads that just wind up being a money sink.

Don’t let that be you.

The Basics of a Clear Marketing Campaign

Dedicated marketers are taught (and often painstakingly learn) how to communicate complex concepts to consumers. You already know that potential consumers won’t give your new business the time of day unless they know what the business is, where it is, and develop enough trust to complete a transaction. But you might not be communicating those concepts correctly.

A well-executed marketing campaign strategically answers these questions… and targets the people most likely to turn into customers. These ‘leads’ are then drawn through a marketing funnel, warmed to the idea and concept of your business until they’re ready to complete a transaction with you.

Hiring a Marketing Agency

Most small businesses who realize their own marketing shortcomings realize that they need to turn to an expert. And they’ll make this decision only after having tried to design their own marketing campaigns, and not when they first realize that they need more customers. And you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the major reasons that small business owners hold back from hiring a great, proven marketing agency like Berbay or Bloominari is because they expect that it’ll just be too expensive. Luckily, that’s not true!

Believe it or not, most marketing agencies have a wide range of plans all structured to meet the cost goals of different kinds and sizes of business. These plans can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to $3,000 monthly, and can cover anything from PPC ads on Google or social media, car wraps, transportation ads, ads on television, and more! Even better, marketing firms will give you detailed reports on the efficacy of any campaign: letting you know estimations of how many people saw it, and how many people took action and were converted into clients. In most cases, they’ll also give you an ROI statement, which lets you know how much money each advertising dollar generated in revenue.

And there are a lot of perks to hiring a marketing firm compared to just hiring a dedicated employee to do your own in-house marketing. For example, you don’t need to pay additional taxes or benefits or employ any kind of training regimen. And many marketing firms specialize in different markets and business niches, meaning they may already be familiar with the biggest pitfalls for your kind of business, and have additional customer insights that you just aren’t familiar with.

In short, if you’re hurting for clients and have exhausted all your own efforts, consider hiring a marketing firm to take the burden of customer-generation off your shoulders! Every hour you try to spend on unsuccessful marketing efforts could have been better spent taking care of business.