How Designers are Taking SEO In-House Using the Wix Web Builder

Wix is one of the leading web builders on the market today. When most people talk about Wix they talk about how easy it is to build a website in minutes if you have no technical experience. Professional web designers also find it simple to implement their customized changes without any hassle.

Wix Website Builder

One of the drawbacks of trying to work with most web builders is controlling SEO. Most designers find they have to call in a professional if they’re going to meet the SEO needs of their clients. Wix SEO has improved over the years, and now it’s one of the best options for designers.

For the first time, designers can take SEO into their hands.

Why Designers Need to Focus on SEO

SEO and web design used to be two different things. Companies would hire a professional for each. But now many of the design aspects of a website have a big impact on SEO. This is something that many web designers have to keep in mind, and it’s why they’re gravitating towards platforms that make SEO easy.

They don’t want to have to spend months learning about SEO. They want to use their basic knowledge to build a website. Wix has all the tools in place for designers to do this. It has never been easier for designers to also cover all the aspects of SEO.

Wix Handles Most of the SEO for You

Wix has enhanced the number of SEO features available. Most of the SEO is taken care of for you, requiring you to implement certain pieces of information. Some of the things you can include are page meta tags, alt text, anchor links, and 301 redirects.

Wix also allows you to easily create a blog. A blog is still an important part of your SEO campaign because Google is increasingly making it content-driven. No company can promote its brand without a strong content creation strategy in place. Any web designer can easily give their clients all the tools they need to create content, with the relevant SEO fields filled in.

New User Friendly URLs

One of the criticisms of Wix is their URLs aren’t friendly for professionals. They’re not customized and Google doesn’t like them. That’s all changed because user friendly URLs have been implemented, and any additional confusing characters are now gone.

This is powerful for SEO because if you need to show customers that you are serious about your business, a clean URL is a necessity. There is also a possibility to customize URL’s for all pages, including blog posts, so that each and every page of your website will be unique. Web designers can confidently use Wix knowing that the platform will make sure that their customers are being presented to the web as professionals in their field and that they care about their online presence.

Loading Times are Getting Better

Free web builders have all had to think about how they’re doing what they can to improve page loading times. Google is hammering websites that aren’t fast enough. And if your target market has to wait for more than a couple of seconds they’ll turn away, which will only increase your bounce rates. It’s a sorry situation to be in.

Any good web designer will only work with a building platform that comes with the type of condensed code needed to improve loading times. Better page loading times will ultimately lead to a better ranking and a better customer experience.

Mobile-Optimized Websites Automatically

The mobile friendly website update about to come in from Google is going to make it even more important to come up with a great website for mobile users. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile you’re going to see your ranking taking a beating. No self-respecting web designer will create a website that isn’t ready for mobile.

Web designers don’t want the extra work of building a website for desktop and needing to build a separate website for mobile. It’s a pain and it takes up far more hours than it should.

Wix has followed the lead of other free website building platforms by implementing automatic mobile-optimized websites. That means any web designer who wants to create a mobile-optimized website will automatically get one. All sites built with Wix are converted to mobile, so anyone can access them on any device.

Last Word – What Do Web Designers Want to See?

Web designers don’t want to have to deal with a platform that makes things difficult for them. What Wix has done is simplify many of the more detailed aspects of building a website. It’s never been easier for designers to craft a website that covers all the bases, including mobile-optimization and SEO.

It’s clear that Wix has improved its functionality beyond anything it previously had in place. To get even more information about the SEO opportunities with Wix, you can check out another Wix SEO review by Will you try Wix for building your website?