How to Get Your Customer Paint Your Sites?

Gaining customer’s attention is no child’s play! It is very difficult to attract customers, particularly online, and even more difficult to retain them. One aspect most of the companies consider for gaining web traffic is through attractive websites. Websites that attract the customers with colors and friendly designs and also let them shop easily are the ones most online customers would prefer. Once you have a pretty website, the next issue is to get more customers to visit your website. Just being pretty is not enough to get more customers who buy. But you can make your customers paint your site, through their colorful reviews.

The customer is always right is the principle every company follows to get more and more clients. Most of the companies aim to satisfy their customers to gain popularity. Marketing a product for a business requires a more tactical approach. With the Internet impacting strongly in the business world, every customer looks up into the World Wide Web for information regarding the products they are looking for. A customer who solely depends on the Internet, than any other source, to get more advice on the product looks into the ratings and reviews on the product available online.

What can the customer reviews give your brand?

Customer ratings actually boost the brand and recognition of the company and the product. Customer reviews and ratings on the product help others to make a smart choice. A product can have negative as well as positive ratings. In order to enhance the positivity of a product, its negative reviews are to be considered too. Unresolved or unattended adverse reviews bring about a fallacious impact on the Product as well as the company. It doesn’t mean that in order to get a genuine look to the product, you need to add required negative reviews and answers for the issue. A good ratio of good and bad is to be maintained. A survey says that one negative in three positive feedbacks ensures the customer decide not to choose the product or service.

A customer review does wonders in SEO. High reviewed products get a top priority when an individual searches the internet and hence, they appear on the list. Any product gaining a review may have many positive and negatively toned conversations tagged along, which clears the perplexity about the product and helps the potential buyer to decide. In a way, the customer reviews bring up the sales of the product. The SEO benefits a lot much from these reviews as it makes your page unique which brings in more traffic to the page.

Getting your customer to write good reviews

It is a cumbersome task to get customer feedback. Every other customer might not give you a feedback if you have a complex feedback system. Multiple reasons tag along when you look into the aspects of why there are no reviews for a particular product or service. Making the product page plausible is one of the best ways to allure your customer to give you a review using third party customer review software.

Another way to keep you customers engaged is emailing the customer about the purchase they made. Post purchase reviews need to be collected after giving the customer some reasonable time to review the details and its functionality, and hence, time is the verdict. Engaging website reviews or mobile app reviews can also fetch you some reviews on your website, where other potential customers who casually visit can see them.

An engaging product review system helps the reviewer with a simple and easy way of posting ratings and reviews of the purchase made. Providing the summary scoreboard by adding the relevant questions and answers help the customer choose rather than type in many bizarre reviews.

The product review system helps to showcase the positive and the negative reviews and rating of the product in a balanced way inviting more genuine buyers to shop. They provide information in a chart like forms giving the adequate information regarding the product. Even mobile applications are playing a vital role in receiving and publishing the ratings in order to gain more and more capable buyers.

The Social Media Connect

Social media plays a major aspect in marketing the products online. The statistical reports on how a social media plays a crucial role in propagating the rating of a product says that, 3 out 4 customers were highly influenced by the social media marketing. You can use the reviews you collect and use them for social media marketing which will reach out to a larger audience. Professional and personal social networks are utilized extensively by the digital marketing team for reaching out to a large group of potential audience as they allow refining the audience based on various social and behavioral aspects.

This user generated content plays a crucial role in e-commerce. The authorized review websites help create a brand image for your product by integrating their software with the product page and providing customization of the reviews and ratings and also social media management.