Is Your Website Getting in The Holiday Spirit?

People love the holidays and all the symbolism that goes along with it. It is a time when people enjoy eating turkey, candied yams, pumpkin pie, and Christmas cookies. Images and pictures of such items remind us that the holidays are here. From the onset of Halloween until the end of the year are some of the best opportunities for businesses to beef up their websites with such seasonal images and earn huge profits on the sale of holiday items like boxes of designer Christmas cards, mugs, and other traditional holiday favorites.

It is important to remember that the introduction of various holiday related graphics on company websites is a key marketing tool that will draw the interest of those who are deeply involved with preparing for the holidays. But, what are some of the best graphical designs to use to let others know your website is getting into the holiday spirit that will potentially help your business increase its sales? As you ponder this question, it may help to note that the specific images you endeavor to use on your website may not be as important as how you use these images.

Graphical Associations To Trigger Spending

Many times we think of graphics on a company website as intending to make a statement or direct a site user to do something. What we often forget about is the psychological effect graphics can have on a potential customers spending habits. If what you display on your website brings back an old familiar memory or reminds the user of an enjoyable event in their past, like a particular Christmas they recall from their childhood, this can go a long way towards improving the customers mood. If a customer is happy, they are more likely to be in the mood to spend than when they are upset. Consequently, graphic designs that evoke strong positive emotional responses, like a snowy scene with evergreen trees or a string of Christmas lights, can subtlety remind a visitor to your website that this is the time to buy, without ever using any hard sales tactics.

Products That Are Made To Fit Within Graphical Themes

Another way to spice up your website for the holidays is to employ the use of products in familiar holiday settings. This helps to connect items in a way that would not ordinarily be connected, which may lead a potential buyer to gravitate to a product because it relates to something they have a traditionally conditioned interest in.

This might be something like an elf carrying a brand new printer, a snowman wearing a designer hat or scarf your company is selling, or a carved pumpkin sticking out of the top of a leather jacket that your business is listing as being on sale. Such thematic images can sometimes be moving enough to a potential customer that they will even share the graphics you adorn your site with among their friends. This in turn becomes a fun way to gain a little free advertising, because you took the time to spark a potential customer’s interests with the way you designed the graphics on your website. Although this type of window dressing on your site may take a little extra effort on your part, the results can often be worth the time spent, if you notice that it tends to attract more visitors to your site.