8 Reasons Managed WordPress Hosting is the Hosting Solution You are Looking For

As the platform that powers about 27% of all the websites on the internet, WordPress has positioned itself as one of the most preferred online blogging platforms in the world. Through its amazing Content Management Services (CMS), WordPress helps users positioning their businesses in the online sectors through their WordPress websites. Its incredible technical support enables the creation of a customized website that suits the needs of the users.

Though the functions and services it offers are excellent, there are times when your WordPress website may face downtime and site slowness. To make your WordPress experience more favorable, many web hosting providers offer Managed WordPress hosting plans that provide a concierge service where all the WordPress’ technical aspects including security, speed, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability are managed by the host.

If your website is growing rapidly and you find it difficult to understand the complicated process of its technical aspects, you can opt for a Managed WordPress hosting provider. To get a clear perspective of its importance, one can read the following information related to Managed WordPress hosting.

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting


  1. Speed

Specially designed for WordPress, Managed WordPress hosting works extremely fast irrespective of the web traffic.

  1. Security

With their strong security layers that regularly scan for malware and block the hacking attempts, Managed WordPress hosting can make your website secure.

  1. Expert Support

A Managed WordPress hosting plan offers expert advice that helps the user get the best for their website.

  1. Daily Backups

Your Managed WordPress host provides daily backups of the data saving you from sudden data loss.

  1. Automatic Updates

Managed WordPress hosting providers update your WordPress Core automatically according to the changing features published by the WordPress Team.

  1. No downtime

Regardless of the website traffic, your website will not face downtime if you are using the Managed WordPress hosting plan.


  1. Price

As compared to Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting proves to be significantly expensive, thus making it a costly option for websites with low-budget.

  1. Limits

With their specialized approach towards WordPress, Managed WordPress hosting servers are restricted to run only WordPress based sites. Though usage of HTML/PHP based pages depends on your Managed WordPress hosting plan, it is recommended that you avoid using other scripts to allow the WordPress optimized hosting to deliver maximum performance.

Having considered these pros and cons, one can get a clear idea whether one wants to go ahead with Managed WordPress Hosting or not. Moreover, for a more definitive decision, you can also read the below-listed reasons to choose this WordPress hosting.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Support

One of the biggest reasons to choose Managed WordPress hosting is that it provides amazing customer support. The specialized support team knows how to handle the technical aspects of WordPress websites efficiently, and that proves to be a positive point for the users.

  1. HighPerformance

There are many high-performance Managed WordPress hosts that offer with the latest technologies such as PHP7, HHVM, MariaDB, HTTP/2, and NGINX that automatically enhance the performance of your WordPress website. This also results in increased speed of your WordPress.

  1. Automatic Backups

Backups are crucial for any website in the case of hacking or any other kind of attack that might destroy the data present on the website. Understanding this fact, Managed WordPress hosting plans offer automatic backups, ensuring data security.

  1. OneClick Staging Environments

With constant updates coming up in WordPress features, it becomes essential to test the new changes, plugins, and updates. However, performing this testing task on the production site is not advisable. In such a case, Managed WordPress hosting providers offer a one-click staging environment that lets you clone your website where you can run the test easily without affecting the real site. Once you are done with the testing, you can upgrade your changes to the production site from within the dashboard.

  1. DeveloperFriendly

Unlike shared hosting, this type of web hosting also gives you access to the developer-friendly features such as HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, SSH access, Composer, and Git.

  1. Security

One of the key reasons to shift your web hosting to Managed WordPress hosting is the promise of security. The latter offers a supportive framework that can protect your site from malware. Your account is isolated from other web servers thereby giving your website a more secure environment than a shared web hosting.

  1. Scalability

With a Managed WordPress host on your side, it is much easier to upscale. They offer you additional services that can understand your website’s need and upgrade the features according to it. Your Managed WordPress host also upgrades your plan if you exceed their pre-defined limits by notifying you about the change, hence, giving you an easy and trouble-free interface.

  1. CDN

Many Managed WordPress hosting companies offer CDN and server level caching that helps the website to gain fast speed. CDN which stands for Content Delivery Network is a network of servers that delivers cached static content from WordPress websites to the users based on their geographic location. CDN allows you to distribute the high traffic load to multiple servers which results in resistance to crashes and improved speed that automatically enhances the user experience.

Having evaluating the reasons, advantages, and disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting, one can easily conclude Managed WordPress hosting gives you the best web hosting for your WordPress website. Managed WordPress Hosting not only helps you troubleshoot security issues but also enhances your WordPress website’s performance in a highly-professional way.