Reasons Video is the Future of Web Design

The internet is continually changing and evolving. Every day presents a different idea about the way that websites should look and the way they should be run. The first internet website was basically a very simplified version of what Wikipedia looks like.

There were no images and no videos, only text to read and links to click that took you to a page that offered more information to you. In a very boring manner, mind you. Thank goodness that internet has evolved to what it has so quickly. Thanks to the power of technology, the world is now available to communicate across every border through text, picture, video and many more mediums.

Though text and pictures are very valuable in the web design process, there are reasons that video is the “hail all” of online communication and commerce today.

Conventional Advertising is Dead

In the ‘good old days’ there used to be these people called traveling salesmen. There wasn’t any internet, and there sure wasn’t any mobile phone. There was no way to get the news about a product out other than to go door to door and try and convince someone to buy.

Upon the invention of the printing press in 1440, people could print posters and books and advertisements of all kinds. As the years passed, the size and of the advertisements grew. Traveling carnivals used to print massive posters to publicize their shows, and companies soon followed suit creating billboards to grandly display their product.

Billboards obviously still exist today, but who knows for how long. You know why? Because nobody pays attention to anything but their phones in life anymore-especially when they aren’t driving. For this very reason, web design is crucial to the success of a business because the internet is the medium on which everybody is spending most of their time.

People Want to Connect

There are many reasons that video is the future of web design, but it really boils down to the fact that people want to be connected. It’s the same reason why writing letters to a loved one who is lifetimes away is not anything like being with them. You can’t put true connection in a verbal box. Well, some people can, but it’s a gift that is also coupled with other forms of connection.

Video allows people the instant gratification of being able to use their senses to exchange information. Videos allow the user to present something tangible to a viewer. A viewer is able to see a product for what it is, hear a real person talking about it, and they’re able to make judgements easily and quickly. Why read an article in 500 words when you can watch a video and receive much more information in a matter of seconds?