Social Media and Its Impact on Modern Healthcare -Infographic

  • 90% of Doctors Prefer Open Social Media Platforms to Closed Online Medical Communities
  • 24% Individuals Seeking Healthcare Information on Social Media are Viewing Health Related Videos and Images Posted by Patients
  • 80% of Internet Users are Specifically Looking for Health Information; 40% of those are Looking for a Specific Doctor or Healthcare Professional
  • 27% Patients Comment or Post Status Updates based on Health Related Experiences
  • 88% of Physicians use the Internet and Social Media to Research Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices
  • 30% of Adults are Likely to Share Information about their Health on Social Media
  • 60% of Social Media Users are most Likely to Trust Social Media Posts by Doctors Over Any Other Group

Infographic brought to you by: Canadian Pharmacy King

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