Then and Now – 45 Years of Internet Access

After 45 years of internet access, how far have we come with technology and connection speeds? The answer is: surprisingly far, even though accessing the internet has only become commonplace over the last two decades (and most of the surge in popularity occurred in the last decade). From ARPANET to fibre optic broadband, world users have skyrocketed alongside internet speeds, to create a convenient, easy-to-use technology. As internet connection has evolved, download speeds have gone from 7 days (for a feature film) to only one minute, which is a massive jump!

In the future, these download times will reduce to mere seconds. In fact, Google Fiber, a new internet connection package from Google themselves, already promises to do just that. With time, internet users will continue to increase from the 40% of the world’s population that we have today, perhaps eventually leading to a completely interconnected globe. I came across the below graphic by MCS Test Equipment that shows you the progression of internet connectivity over the past 45 years; it’s pretty fascinating.

Then and Now - 45 Years of Internet Access