Tips: Businesses Should Follow to Make Their Online File Sharing Easier

Online file sharing is important for businesses to maintain strong lines of communication across all its departments. We have to remember businesses are becoming more remote. It’s not uncommon to see workers plying their trade from home. And eCommerce websites, which are always on the go, have to be able to function remotely to stay on top of everything.


We provide you with some tips to make your online file sharing experience much easier.

It’s All in the Choice

The easiest way to avoid a headache is to choose a file sharing service which does the job right every time. You want to have the utmost flexibility in what you can share and what you can store.

For a start, you should never have to convert your files to a standard format to be able to transfer them. The beauty of online file sharing is you can do it from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about having special convertor software. There are services which offer this sort of flexibility.

Granted, for some specialist file types you’ll have problems finding a provider which can handle them, but for the vast majority of files you shouldn’t have any problems.

Another aspect of the best websites to share files is you have some storage space. This enables you to store files with the service, if you so please. Sites like Microsoft SkyDrive and ShareFile by Citrix utilize the cloud for this reason.

Storage space enables you to upload files form your computer quickly, yet send them from your mobile device later. Mobile devices don’t allow you to upload large files without lengthy delays, and as a business these delays are unacceptable.

Company Devices

Online file sharing is done primarily through user accounts. You can’t trust your employees outside of work to ensure they’re fully secured. And even if you can, if you don’t have control over this aspect and something goes wrong, you won’t be able to pinpoint where the problem was caused.

Larger companies often issue smartphones and other devices designed for work only. They can have peace of mind because they know all devices using the online file sharing service have been tested repeatedly for viruses and malware.

It also increases productivity, because you can legally install tracking software. Tracking software allows you to monitor what your employees are doing. This will help managers see where precious time and efficiency are being lost.

Code of Conduct

It’s essential to let your employees know what you expect from them when they use the company file sharing system. They shouldn’t be sharing personal files, or potentially malicious files.

Installing a code of conduct can make file sharing easier, because everyone knows what they should and shouldn’t be doing. For an employer, it maintains a strong disciplinary system, which is crucial in keeping down mistakes.

Sensitive Files

Sensitive files are those files which contain company and trade secrets. With these files, you need to make sure nobody gets hold of them who shouldn’t have hold of them. If there’s a security breach, it’s vital you know where it happened and how as soon as possible.

With certain files, you should never use conventional consumer file sharing services. They aren’t secure enough to suit your needs. Instead, send them using specialized business file sharing packages. These providers understand the greater need for security, and react accordingly.

Furthermore, only a select few individuals should be able to transfer this sensitive data. This way, if something goes wrong you know who needs to take responsibility for everything that’s happened.

Always Use Specialized Business Packages

We touched upon it briefly above. Specialized business packages are essential to your success. The first thing you should do is look for them. The file sharing packages targeted towards the general public don’t have the added features you need. These added features might include:

  • Superior customer support.
  • More online storage space.
  • Faster sharing.
  • More file types to share.

As already mentioned, they tend to have better security features. This minimizes the chances of you being targeted by hackers.

The Cloud

The cloud is something you should look into for online file storage and transfer. It’s a cheaper and better way of transferring your files. Everything is stored online, rather than in conventional server tower blocks. This makes them less vulnerable and harder to hit for hackers.

Many businesses have transferred to the cloud for this reason. Furthermore, the cloud makes it easier to transfer files on the go. Companies which have lots of remote workers will find this especially useful.

Think of it like this. If a new prospect wants a sneak peek of a contract at a business conference, you could send them the contract which they can access from their tablet computer. This level of service and efficiency leaves a lasting impression on clients