Top Five Reasons to Use Email at Your Business

Email has infiltrated our everyday lives but unfortunately, many business directors still don’t see the advantages of setting up a company-wide email system for key members of their organization. Whether the email is internal or outbound, there are at least five valid reasons why every company should set up an email server as a vital part of their communications. Here are the top five reasons to use email at your business.

1. Company-wide Memos

From time to time every company needs to send out company-wide memos. Perhaps there is going to be a re-paving in the car park or maybe certain wash rooms will be closed for repairs. It is far more expedient to send out an email memo than it would be to run hundreds of copies to be passed out by floor supervisors. In addition, think of the savings over the course of a year by going paperless for these types of communications.

2. Documented Communications

There are times when bosses need to validate that they’ve passed tasks or messages on to specific individuals within the company. An email is quick and easy to document verbal communications as opposed to sending a hard copy each and every time a communication of mid-level importance needs to take place. Of course, high-level communications might be best kept as a signed hard copy in that employee’s personnel file, but usually an email will suffice.

3. Security Updates

Many larger enterprises have started utilizing a Visitor Management System. Each and every time someone checks into the building, the system is updated at the reception area. This not only helps to monitor visitors, but also enables key personnel to see where any employee is at any given moment. Visitor Management Systems designed by MT Services can be programmed to email specific persons when anyone (visitor or employee) is where they shouldn’t be.

4. Departmental Educational Resource

Larger companies also tend to offer ongoing educational seminars and resources. Sometimes these are geared towards specific departments within the organization. For example, those in sales probably wouldn’t benefit from a seminar in new custodial equipment procedures. Email can be sent to entire departments or department heads announcing training on campus, off campus or even online.

5. Public Relations & Marketing

Each of the above relate to internal email communications. However, email is also a wonderful way to boost public relations by sending an occasional bit of news or note of gratitude to clients and potential clients. As well, targeted email marketing can boost sales and many companies should consider sending these communications from their establishment in place of, or in addition to, those sent from marketing companies.

Whether you are simply trying to reduce the use of paper used to save money or need a better line of communications within your organisation, email has all the advantages you could want. It is quick, easy and at your fingertips right there at your desk. With so many applications that can be enhanced by email, it is a shame not to take advantage of this wonderful technology.