UGears Hurdy-Gurdy Kit: A Musical Instrument in Puzzles

More often, 3d puzzles for adults are produced in the form of vehicles, buildings, or mechanisms. However, the novelty from the collection of UGears wooden model kits for adults is an exclusive chance to get a mechanical puzzle in the unique form of a musical instrument.

The creators of Hurdy-Gurdy kits were inspired by the elegance of classic string musical instruments, such as violin and violoncello.

The Peculiarities of UGears Hurdy-Gurdy Kits 

The uniqueness of a UGears Hurdy-Gurdy kit is that it not just copies the model of a string musical instrument ­ it is a fully-functioning mechanism. It is possible to extract sounds from this mechanical puzzle. So, you can assemble something more than just an accessory for home décor.

Nevertheless, as a décor element, Hurdy-Gurdy is a great option as well. The point is that the design of this model is an exact replica of the 16th-century French instrument. UGears Hurdy-Gurdy has an original design with a large number of aesthetic details, which makes it an excellent decoration for any home or office space. 

Moreover, all UGears mechanical models are known as leading options on the market due to the following features:

  • UGears 3d puzzles are made of durable and safe materials. Every offered product is produced in wood. The use of such natural material also assures the eco-friendliness of UGears 3d wooden puzzles for adults. 
  • The company provides a simple assemblage of its products. You can construct UGears wooden puzzles without the use of glue, tape, and scissors.
  • UGears carries a convenient and fast delivery system. Furthermore, the company assures a quality package to keep every detail of a puzzle kit safe. 

In addition to Hurdy-Gurdy, the UGears creative team produces a great selection of other original designs of 3d puzzles. To avoid commonplace models of autos, trains, and buildings, you can order unique puzzles like Treasure Box or Flower Ballerina.