Web Start Today – Say Goodbye to Manual Coding and Yes to Website Maker

Designers facing confrontation with coders is a regular event in the web design industry. The technical guys don’t often have a creative bent of mind and fail to realize the importance of visual aesthetics in a website. No wonder designers around the world are looking for new code free ways of developing websites. While there are number of platforms that allow you to design without coding few meet your needs as a professional designer.


Web Start Today is a perfect platform for designers to create robust website to meet the needs of their clients without worrying about codes.

Attractive Design Templates

Web Start Today offers you a wide range of attractive design templates. These include responsive themes that work on multiple devices. These templates have been designed in contemporary styles and are available in various color themes. To make your choice easy they have been divided into 72 business verticals like architects, restaurants, authors, photographers, auto mechanics etc.


You will easily find a template that suits the needs of your clients. You can easily filter the results based on the business type, color etc.

Pre-Built Content

This is one feature that puts Web Start Today in the top of the league. It offers pre-built content tailored for different business type for each and every page. Writing quality content can often be a huge challenge and with this pre-built content you will have no such worries. All that you need to do is tweak the content to personalize it. This content is injected with quality Meta tags and keywords that help the site rank high on the search engine results page.

Easy Customization

You need to personalize the template and content to match your exact needs. Web Start Today offers an intuitive content management system that allows you to easily personalize the design and create your own mark. You can add images, logo, slogan etc. and even customize the color scheme. The WYSIWYG editor doesn’t require you to possess skills in HTML or CSS. You will be in complete control of the design and the content of the website.

Publish Website

This is another area where Web Start Today’s website maker has brought in revolutionary changes. You no longer will have to hunt for a hosting service provider, set up the FTP or manage the c-Panel to publish your website.  All that you will need to do is press on the ‘Publish This Site’ button and the site will immediately go live. Here you will also need to choose the billing plan that suits your needs.

Ecommerce Site Builder

Developing an ecommerce site is considered to be one of the biggest challenges for any designer. With Web Start Today you will have a cakewalk. It has upgraded to an ecommerce site builder allowing you to create your online store on no time. You can customize the look and feel of the store and offer detailed information on the products and their features. You can attach labels such as bestsellers, discount and special offers to make your store look attractive and create an urge in the minds of the buyers to go for the product.

Features of Web Shop

  • Easy Store Management – Web Start Today has worked on easing the process of managing the store. The administration panel allows you to customize the look and feel of the front store.
  • Simple Checkout – It employs a simple checkout process that is highly secure and offers customers with a single page login and checkout. It supports multiple payment options thus increasing the store’s marketability.
  • Detailed Product Description – You can offer detailed product information with multi image gallery. This allows the potential customers to take a close look at the products.
  • Responsive Design – The Web Shop makes use of advanced HTML5 and CSS3 that make your online store responsive and works across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • 24 Hours Support – You will have access to 24/7 support for your online store through Help Center, Chat support if there is any glitch. A team of experts would immediately troubleshoot your problem offering continuity of business.
  • Google AdWords – You will be able to run a Google AdWords campaign for your store. This is one of the proven ways of marketing the store among masses.


For all the features and benefits that it offers you Web Start Today has been priced competitively.  The pricing for Standard Websites start $9.99 per month and you also have the option to hire a professional designer for $399. In case of Responsive websites that work across multiple platform prices start $14.99 per month and hiring a designer would cost you $499. In case of the Web Shop subscription plans start $29.99 per month and you can hire the services of a professional designer for $899.  It also offers you a 30 day free trial plan for all the categories and you will be able to get a glimpse of what this platform is capable of.


Web Start Today has been developed keeping in mind the needs of a professional designer. It is easy to get started with and comes loaded with features. It allows a designer to go solo and offer clients need based solutions without having to depend on a coder.