What Does the Future Hold for E-commerce Hosting?

This is a question that often gets asked and understanding how ecommerce has evolved over the last few years is important. This form of hosing used to cost a lot but now it has become more affordable, however, the demand for this type of hosting is on the decline because larger companies are dominating online space. This is because sites such as eBay and Amazon enable people to buy and sell online whilst the traffic helps people to create a profit.


In the past few years Ecommerce hosting has become cheaper and more affordable as companies try to compete for custom. The providers have to entice customers and make it worthwhile for them to sign up. Ecommerce hosting used to be expensive but now prices have come crashing down because sites such as Amazon and eBay are also dropping their listing prices which means commerce sites have had to follow suit.

Looking ahead it seems as though eCommerce plans will continue to be affordable in an attempt to be creative without compromising on bad downtime issues. As the prices drop lower there will be an increase in the number of features that are offered. There is also the growing number of sites that are created using website builders and these often include full ecommerce functionality.

Is there still a demand?

As hosting plans become more affordable the question has to be asked about demand.  As the larger companies make it more appealing for people to use their platforms because they are affordable, come with store discounts and have affiliate incentives it does make demand a concern. There are also free websites popping up that are popular and have traffic volumes that help to increase sales for users. Regardless of how popular eCommerce features are, it still has to work hard to remain strong in the future but eCommerce plans do require a lot of work such as adding items and categories, optimising pages and researching keywords.

After this initial work has been completed it is then a case of increasing traffic to your site through marketing which requires testing. A large number of people now want things simpler and do not want to do the extra work which is why it is more convenient to pay sites such as Amazon and eBay a fee that offers them rankings and traffic all in one go.

Improved Control

Looking ahead, eCommerce hosting providers will have to work extremely hard to give users the control they need in order to offer them flexibility and make them more attractive.

Working Together

There is a possible saving grace for eCommerce hosting as they are now forming partnerships with the likes of eBay and Amazon which allows customers to sell on both. This helps customers to work more efficiently and generate more sales whilst creating their own brand. Their first sale may take place on eBay but this means that they can then direct them to their own store.

A number of eCommerce packages are now allowing people to create lists of items to upload to both eBay and Amazon which makes the whole process a lot more fluid.

There is no doubt that eCommerce hosting is slowly becoming less popular but changes are being made to make it easier to survive. For many it is a case of understand what the objectives are and if eCommerce plays a big part in the success of your brand. There are large volumes of people making the move to eBay and Amazon in order to sell their products but if they are looking for a solution that is customisable then and eCommerce plan will suit them. Finding out what you want to achieve and understanding what is more affordable to you is a good place to start.