When Shared Hosting Is The Best Choice For Your Website

There is much debate about the type of web hosting you should buy. Specifically, various website owners have a wide range of needs from shared hosting to VPS hosting. It can be very difficult to understand the difference and how web hosting works. The truth is, you don’t always need a more expensive hosting solution. In fact, a shared hosting package might be perfect for you. Read on to learn about when a shared hosting package is appropriate for your website.

New Website With Zero Traffic

If you would like to start a brand new website, a shared host can work just fine. When you are just starting out, you don’t have much traffic to begin with anyways. In fact, you will have to build up your traffic from zero to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. In the beginning, you will use a minimal amount of server resources so you should opt for a plan that has the smallest package. Clearly, with shared resources, new websites can get online without having to take on too many resources.

Looking For A Quick Setup

Since shared hosting packages are specifically targeted to newer webmasters, the setup is simple and fast. Many times, you can set up a website on a shared hosting environment within an hour. Before signing up, look for a coupon or a deal. Most shared hosts will offer nearly free introductory pricing to new customers. Then, once you make payment, you can navigate to the host’s website builder or cPanel. Of course, you can choose to use their existing templates or a quick install script like WordPress or Joomla. If you are looking for a quick deployment for a new website, shared hosting can get the job done quickly.

Access To Premium Hardware

In actuality, larger hosting companies that have thousands of shared hosting clients use premium hardware for their services. That means, your website could be hosted on an SSD server that allows for premium performance. Many of the quality shared hosting provider have great data centers with racks of servers. Moreover, if they have a lot of hosting customers, they have to monitor those servers. So, it makes sense that they would put their customers on quality hardware servers with adequate CPU, RAM and networking usage. Keep in mind, only very high quality providers will do this. Thus, you have to be careful when shopping with shared hosting companies and verify what type of server hardware they are using to host your website. However, the opportunity is great for anyone getting started and still wants to be hosted on a quality server.

Simple Server Administration

Moreover, a shared hosting environment requires little to no technical administration. The hosting provider takes a care of all server monitoring, updates and security. You can simply focus on making your website look great and marketing it to the world. In fact, the best shared hosting providers will perform routine maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your server. For beginners, the server administration is a great reason to go with a shared environment when starting out.

Available Shared Hosting Support

In addition to the expertise, top shared hosting companies have great support. Since they have so many customers, their call centers are filled with well trained technicians that can help you with any website issue you are having. When you are just getting started, you may need help pointing your domain to nameservers or configuring an htaccess file. A great support team will provide all the expertise need to ensure that your hosted website and email are working smoothly. They can also assist you in managing a WordPress website for cheap. If you don’t know what you are doing, it certainly helps to have a support team by your side.

Shared hosting is a great option for individuals or businesses who are getting started online. It gives them the resources, convenient setup and infrastructure to get online. Then, shared hosts offer the expertise to administer servers and support customer needs. For beginners, shared hosting packages are a smart choice. Just make sure to choose a quality provider that will deliver on all of their promises. Then, get to work on making your website one of the best online. When your website really starts to attract many visitors, you should have enough resources with a quality shared hosting company. The beginning is the best time to choose a shared hosting package.