Why Lawyers Need to Invest in Quality Web Design

For attorneys everywhere, internet marketing is one of the leading methods for acquiring clients. However, even the best paid marketing or organic strategy will miss the mark without high quality web design that promotes a fluid user experience. As a lawyer, it’s important that you invest in web design and make the most out of your internet real estate.

Web Design Matters

According to studies, an incredible 94 percent of people cite web design as a reason they don’t trust a particular website. That means if your site is poorly designed, you’re likely turning away potential clients in hordes.

Web design matters for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it makes a first impression on visitors. Before they even have a chance to read your content or review your client testimonials, they subconsciously make an assessment based on the look and feel of your website. Second, web design directly affects the user experience on your site. This in turn dictates how visitors are able to interact with you and whether they’re capable of easily accessing your resources and information.

Helpful Web Design Tips

While it’s best to invest in a professional designer, there are a few things you can take care of on your own. Specifically, you’ll want to focus on these main areas:

  • Layout: The actual physical layout of your website is crucial. The majority of internet users scan pages in an F or Z-shaped reading pattern. This means the top left corner of your site is the most critical area. You want your logo and value proposition placed here. The least important spot on your site is the right-hand side. Don’t ignore it, but your most important information should not be positioned there. Also, most users like bullets and easily-digestible paragraphs, as opposed to large blocks of text.
  • Color scheme: Your site’s color scheme is very important. According to an infographic on Inspiredm.com, all color fit into one of three categories: cool, warm, or neutral. Many web designers suggest selecting a color from each of the three categories to create a balanced look. When choosing your colors, think about what your brand represents, who you’re trying to appeal to, and what response you want to invoke.
  • Navigation: Another important component of web design is navigation. Your site should have easily-identifiable tabs that direct visitors to various resources. It’s important for every attorney to have a page dedicated to their background and legal experience to build trust and confidence in the potential client.

Other important parts of web design include having a search box that allows users to easily search for information based on custom keywords, as well as an informational footer that provides details regarding your location and more information about you.

Assessing Your Web Design

How’s your site doing? Are you mastering each of these areas? If not, it’s important to confront your web-design shortcomings and maximize your website’s traffic. The more comfortable visitors feel, the more likely it is that they’ll become a future client. This is one of the areas of your business that you can directly control.