Spain Is An Advertising Mecca

The World Wide Web is one big pool of opportunities for those who seek fame or business advancement. Businesses are probably the ones that get the most benefit from the internet. The online world is a haven for advertisers who want to make an instant effect on consumers because of its global reach. One country where internet advertising is at its height is Spain. Most people in this country in southwestern Europe have the internet as their number one medium when it comes to entertainment. A study by Deloitte, the second largest professional services network in the world by revenue, has found out that 29% of Spanish internet users believe that “advertising through social networks has the greatest impact on their purchasing decisions”. Most of the participants also said that the internet is now a better medium for entertainment as compared to television.


A surge in internet advertising is something that has been written on the wall. Internet World Stats said that as of 2011, there are over 30.6 million people in Spain that have access to the internet or 65% of the country’s total population. Digital world researcher comScore also have the same stand about Spain’s internet usage. It said that 24.6 million Spanish used the internet in April last year for an average of 22.8 hours per person. Among the things that most users search on the internet are local information, social media update, sport, technology, shopping deals, and holidays.

This trend is a great advantage for businesses who want to penetrate the Spanish market. With the way people are embracing the online world, local or foreign website has the chance to do well in the country. Take for example several poker websites. The online version of the card was introduced to Spain just a couple of years ago but it is now already one of the biggest games locally. The real version of the game is played by big celebrities like F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari – who is also an ambassador of an online poker site partypoker – Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, and Poli Rincon. However, its online version hasn’t received a large mainstream success until the internet became ubiquitous. According to online gaming regulator, the number of people who play online poker in the first quarter of this year grew by 21% as compared to the number in the previous quarter. Poker games are naturally fun and compelling; you can say that their success has been expected. Still, you can’t rule out the contribution of Spain’s large internet market.

Doing business online is one of the best steps you can take for your venture. However, it is not that easy. First, you must determine if your targeted country has great internet access. Second, you must create a website that provides exactly what your market needs. Lastly, your website should be something that is pleasing to the eyes. In short, it must have a great web design.