Essential Elements and Features You Should Add to Your Software When Coding it

Invoicing apps are something every business uses to make things faster and easier. There are many businesses out there that still use the manual invoice-making technique and they are making a huge mistake. They spend weeks only making invoices manually while an app can get this work done in just a few seconds. This is something every business should use as it will make things convenient for them. However, there is one benefit of using manual invoice making, that is the invoices are very accurate as they are manually done while when making online, if the system malfunctions, all the invoices will be inaccurate causing a lot of problems.

But, if you get the coding done by a professional, I can guarantee that you will never face this issue. There are 99.9% chances that the system won’t malfunction as it’s not built psychically. The app will be built through coding which will be done online and there is no way it can be hacked. Through Billdu, you can make the best invoicing app for your business. However, it might cost you a lot when hosting it online. Apps and software cost a lot when hosting them online compared to a website. The website can be hosted for very cheap but don’t worry it will be a one-time cost which will be providing your business many various benefits.

You will get to make more money than before because more clients will be attracted meaning more business for you. Make sure a blank invoice template is also an option in your app when making an invoice because some clients prefer to use a blank invoice template and then make it themselves from scratch.

Essential elements and features you should add to your software or app;

UI and UX

You should also consider keeping UX and UI in mind when coding because these are the two most important elements of your app. People don’t take seconds to give an opinion about your app so, you make sure UX is done perfectly and the UI of the app should also be very appealing so that more people get attracted to your app.


Don’t leave your background empty, you can add some invoice relating stuff to it or some short guide for people on how to use the invoicing app. A guide will allow people to use it and then easily use the app without any confusion. You can add your business logos in it as well as it will be your app and it should represent your business.

Folder option

For accountants, this feature will be very important. They will be making and managing invoices of many clients and they will need folders to save the invoices in. Then also attach a navigation bar to it so it’s easy for them to find the folders they saved when they are looking for it. This will increase the efficiency of their work resulting in increased productivity and improved cash flow.