7 Reasons Using a Free Website Builder Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Building a website with a free website builder like Wix comes with many stereotypes. Some people might tell you that it’s not professional or you can’t get a modern website with Wix. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some of the reasons why using a free website builder isn’t always a bad thing.

They’re Not All Bad

Some website builders are awful. There’s no escaping that fact. But if you take a closer look at Wix you’ll find that you can build incredible websites. Recently Wix introduced advanced eCommerce tools to provide the same functionality as any other website built from scratch.

A free website creator like Wix is advanced and it can give you the website that will help you get your brand off the ground.

You Don’t Have the Money for a Custom Website

Businesses that employ a team of website designers and website developers can spend thousands of dollars on a single website. For the majority of smaller companies this puts a custom website out of reach. If you don’t have four figures to set aside, a free website builder is perfect.

Even the highest level of Wix will only charge you $25 per month, and for most businesses they only need the basic package. You can build a website for less than $100. That’s something you’re not going to find from a custom website built for you.

Website Builders Require No Technical Expertise

Absolutely anyone can build a website with Wix. It takes about 30 minutes to understand the interface and what you need to do to get started. From there you can drag-and-drop any element you like on the page. Simply add in your preferred content by clicking a few buttons and you have a working website.

You don’t need to know anything about coding or design. Just look at your competitors and figure out what’s working and what you can do better. It’s that easy.

Security is Covered

One of the disadvantages of a custom website is that you must handle security and any updates alone; or you must keep a company on retainer. That can add up quickly. The on-going costs of a website can really eat into your budget, and if you’re a small company you may not have this sort of budget.

Wix handles security and any updates without the need for any extra charges or any input from you. And these days, the level of security is the highest you can find. Long gone are the days when free website builders offered only minimal security.

Now you know that your website is safe from anyone who may want to hack it.

Updates are Made Easy

Making difficult changes to a custom website requires you to understand how to code. Changes are made extremely easy because all you must do is go into the Wix editor and move the various elements around with your mouse. Again, you don’t need to know anything about coding.

Tweaks can be made in seconds and it can take only minutes to completely alter the layout of your website. Custom websites will usually require you to spend days and weeks making changes. For businesses moving quickly this is hardly practical.

Free Website Builders are Unique

Contrary to what many people believe, free website builders do provide you with unique websites. Wix has hundreds of original templates and those templates can be manipulated in any way you please. It’s highly unlikely that you would ever have exactly the same website as anyone else.

It used to be the case that free website builders had a limited number of templates, but all that has changed. And when you begin to install add-ons you further increase the uniqueness and originality of your website.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Hosting

Any free website builder that claims to provide a great service also offers you hosting options at the same time. You do have the option of using your own host, but if you would rather centralize everything you can. And the level of hosting you get from website builders like Wix is extremely proficient.

The level of uptime is always above 99% and major updates are only performed during the quiet hours. That way your business can keep running without any problems.

Last Word – Free Website Builders are the Present and the Future

Creating a website for your business can happen in a matter of minutes. These websites are extremely professional and they will give off the right image for your business. Free website builders are no longer the subpar options they were before.

The reality is that website builders like Wix are an excellent option for creating a website you can be proud of. Have you ever tried a free website builder before?