8 Best Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media is the future of SEO. Make it big on social media and all those rankings and traffic levels will fall into place. There’s only one problem. You have to make it big on social media first.

It all starts with targeting your content towards a specific audience. To find this audience, you need to analyze the traffic and the clicks coming in. This will help you find the audience and what they respond to.

There are a range of useful tools to help you track all these metrics. We go through eight of the best.

1. Adobe Social

Adobe Social is a multi-purpose tool. You can use it to monitor conversation trends, but you can also post updates to multiple social channels. It’s also ideal if you’re working as part of a team.

The problem is it’s targeted towards larger enterprises. There’s no available pricing to it, so that means you’re going to be paying a lot of money for it.

2. Social Motus

This young Australian app is a social media analyzing tool for Facebook and Twitter. You can use the tools to track your brand, prioritize the conversions, and come out with a useful Return on Investment (ROI) calculation.

You can also set it up for keyword match filtering, as well as respond to messages within the app.

3. Cyfe

Now we get onto the type of executive dashboard that large SEO companies like Clickintelligence uses. It’s priced for the small business, which makes it well within your budget.

It does more than track stats on social media. It tracks server stats, email marketing trends, and web traffic. It’s an all-in-one solution for your social media and web needs.

4. DashThis

Another dashboard for the small business. Built in the Canadian province of Quebec, this allows you to use multiple accounts to track a range of clients at the same time. It’s only designed for displaying stats, so it lacks the usability of some of the other options.

It also works for other forms of social media. For example, you can track YouTube channel views and your AdWords account.

5. Page Viral

Page Viral is the ultimate social media analyzer for Facebook. Facebook offers a range of stats through Facebook Insights. Think of Page Viral as taking it one step further.

To give you an example of this, let’s look at the visibility of your content. Facebook can give you the reach. What Page Viral offers is an instant notification when your content disappears from news feeds.

6. SimplyMeasured

This is another large enterprise tool for social media. It allows you to go deep into the stats regarding single updates on the likes of Google+ and Twitter.

30% of the top 1000 global brands use it, apparently. Free reports are available for small businesses. They allow you to check what social media updates perform best.

7. Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics ties together your social media campaign with other metrics. It believes in combining multiple areas of your marketing campaign together.

Some of the aspects it ties into include: link building, guest blogger programs, branding, and social activity. In short, you get an overall view of your marketing campaign.

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is cheap, but it works well. It primarily works as a method to automatically schedule social media updates. On the other hand, it has a built-in set of metrics.

The metrics it tracks are pretty standard, but it has one key attribute. It measures your best updates historically. And it relays the results back to you via email. It’s ideal if you run a smaller operation and you need to know things as soon as possible.