Best Tools to Improve the Usability of Website Effectively

It is up to every webmaster to track the activity of his website’s users and to optimize the website according to the needs and requirements of regular visitors. However, doing this isn’t an easy job, because you’ll need to collect and read a lot of data regarding the activity, habits and likenesses of your readers. Thankfully, there are some tools that you can use in order to quickly gather this information and use it to improve your website’s usability.

In this post you’ll learn the names of some of the most popular and efficient tools that you can use to improve your website’s usability and enhance the online experience of your regular visitors.


Attention Wizard

If your conversion rate is low, then you might want to consider revising your landing page. One of the best tools that you can use when it comes to optimizing a landing page is Attention Wizard. This lightweight tool is the perfect choice for webmasters who want to analyze their landing page and see what needs to be improved including the design of your website. Design flexibility by template switching is a quick usability improvement trick itself. The tool will provide you with detailed information about human visual processing, attention zones and other helpful information that is based on the complex artificial algorithms that the application uses.

Click Density

Novice webmasters always have a hard time determining where advertisements should be placed. One of the tools that can help you with this task is Click Density. This tool has a free and a premium version, so we highly recommend giving the free version a try. It will provide you with detailed information about the most popular areas on your website, and will show you which area of your website generates the most clicks. This valuable information will help you place your advertisements in the right areas and increase your revenue. The paid version of the tool comes with more features and provides you with more detailed information.


If you want to follow every move of your visitors, then Clixpy is definitely one of the tools that you’ll find to be very useful. It tracks mouse movements, clicks and even mouse scrolls and form inputs. You can also record these actions in order to find out about the most popular areas of your website and to find out if any of your users have trouble accessing certain features or places on your website.

Concept Feedback

If you want to hear the opinion of specialists about your website, then Concept Feedback is one of the online services that will help you a lot. Visit their page, submit your website and choose your preferences. Your website will then be reviewed by one or more people depending on your subscription plan. You’ll receive detailed feedback as well as advice on how to improve you website’s usability for the future. Concept Feedback is one of the programs that can help you create the perfect marketing plan for your website.


CrazyEgg is another popular tool that is used by thousands of webmasters. Thanks to this application, you can get detailed information about the pages your visitor’s use the most and you’ll also see detailed heat maps that help you track the mouse movements and clicks of the readers. CrazyEgg will provide you with other information such as top referrals, top search terms, browsers used, etc.

Five Second Test

If you want to optimize your landing page, then you better give the Five Second Test a chance to help you. This simple tool provides you with detailed information about the pros and cons of your landing page by using information gathered by your readers. Naturally, the application will generate a quiz in order to learn more about the online habits of your users and to tell you which areas of your landing page need to be improved.

Google Site Search

Implementing this tool in your website is a quick and easy way to provide your readers with an easy-to-use search function. This tool will add a Google search bar to your website and your users will be able to use it to search your website’s contents. The functionality of this search bar can be enhanced by paying for different extra features provided by Google. This thing will boost the usability of your website effectively.


If you want an in-depth analysis of your website, then Morae is the service that you’ll find to be the most useful. This piece of software will help you understand the online experience of visitors by providing you with a short video that follows the activity of the user as he engages in a special scenario or testing session. The special thing about Morae is that instead of tons of information and reports, you’ll get immediate results that show the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Website Optimizer

This free tool will help you test and optimize your website’s structure by gathering the opinions of your users. You’ll received detailed information about your content and you’ll learn how to optimize it in order to improve your conversion ratio.