5 Online Tactics To Improve Real Estate Web Presence

Being in the real estate industry is intense, and there is a tremendous amount of competition within a small sector, and also an incredible sense of variation that clients can choose from when trying to decide who they want to work with. And one of the deciding factors of who people choose, is going to be how well they present themselves on the web.

So, with this intensity and this competition going on, what are five online tactics that you can use as a web developer to specifically improve real estate web presence? Consider interactive charts and graphs, updated photos, real time chats, responsive web designs, and showcasing client reviews.

Offer Interactive Charts and Graphs

Interactivity is a big deal when it comes to websites, because it shows people browsing the web that you care enough to personalize their experience. So, one smart move as a real estate website is to include interactive elements that deal with things like pricing, or even some sort of interactive maps, or tours that go through photographs of the house. There are limitless options to your creativity in this regard.

Use Updated Photos

One things you absolutely need to do on your real estate website is have updated photos of the houses you deal with. This means updating them seasonally if you have to. It can be a shock to a potential client if they see a house as listed in the summer, and then go to that location in the winter, and the images don’t match up in their minds. It’s not hard to take new high-quality snapshots every few months in order to ensure transparency of seasonal changes and visual updates.

Set Up Real Time Chats

All other things being equal on two real estate websites, if one of them has a realtime chat set up and has an option for people to talk to someone directly and immediately, which one is going to get the potential client? And even if someone chooses not to exercises the realtime chat, they at least appreciate that it’s an option.

Move Toward Responsive Web Designs

If your real estate website doesn’t have a responsive web design, then the time has come to change that. Since more people are using the internet from cell phones and tablets than they are from desktop computers, the aesthetics of your site on a mobile phone is supremely important.

Include Client Reviews

And finally, if you want your site to stand out, be sure to highlight client reviews. There is a distinct different between ad copy and self-promotion and external reviews about your quality of service, and people who browse the web are very aware of that.