Five Things You Should Be Including When You Design Your Website

You want your business website to be easy to maneuver, and you want people to be able to get a feel for your business while they are looking through the pages of your site. That entails a lot, especially if your business offers a lot. The more you offer, the more important it is to have an easy to navigate website.


Consider having videos on your website, whether they are all in one section or spread out into different areas. Videos give people a chance to really get a feel for your products and services. You might want to have videos that instruct people how to use your products, or you might want videos that allow potential customers to get a behind-the-scenes look at what your business does and offers.

Hi-Res Photos

People want visuals of what your business is going to give to them. Have photos of your products in which people can see the details and the colors. If you offer services, have photos of those services being rendered so people can see the smiles on your employee’s faces as they do their jobs.

Photos allow your products and services to speak for themselves, somewhat. They also make your website more visually pleasing.


Having a sitemap can be a great asset to your website, especially if you have a lot of info you’re sharing with people. A simple table of contents can be useful, but it means lots of clicking of drop-down menus. Having this for your main pages is definitely a good idea, but a sitemap will give the lazy viewer an easier way to find what they want and may keep them on your site longer.

About Page

Having an ‘About Page’ is important to the aesthetics of your website. It also helps people find out about your business and what it has to offer, all in one convenient place. You can share with them why you started this business and what you hope to accomplish with it.

Contact Info

You also want to make sure that you have a convenient and easy to use ‘contact’ page. It can sometimes be beneficial to have a contact form on the page, as well as your individual email listed since people like having options. You also want your address, if you have a brick and mortar location, as well as your business phone number.

If you’re selling things from your website, you may also want to consider having a shopping cart. This will make checkout easier and more secure for your shoppers. However, it isn’t a must have for all business websites.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of all things your business website should have, but it’s a starting point. It can be beneficial to have a blog as well. You may even want to include links to your social media pages.