Four Tips For Designing A Stunning Blog

When you think of web design you probably think of your entire website, but have you ever taken the time to focus on the design and look of your blog? Well, if you don’t have a business blog, you are missing out. And, if you aren’t using the following tips you may be missing out on repeat readers because your blog is probably boring.

Pick The Right Colors

Before you even start setting your blog up, it is important to decide what colors you want to use. There are actually a few things that go into color choice. If your business already has specific logo colors that they use, that may be the right option for you, but you also want to make sure that people can easily read your blog with those specific colors.

Another thing that may affect your color choosing is that fact that colors have different meanings and evoke different responses in people. If your blog is about food, you’ll want to pick colors that are known to make people hungry. If your blog is about money, you will want colors that make people think of money.

Check Your Layout

Not only do you want to look at your layout for ease of reading with your colors, but also your font. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a layout that isn’t just friendly to computers and laptops, but also is easy on the eyes when people visit your blog on their tablets and smartphones.

More people are getting online on their mobile devices, so it is extremely important to be as mobile friendly as possible. That means always checking your site on mobile when you do changes and updates.

Use Photos

If you want a stunning blog that attracts readers, keeps them interested, and keeps them coming back for more, you really should make sure that you are incorporating at least one picture per post. Make it something that works with what you are posting about, and make sure it’s a quality photo.

If you aren’t much of a photographer you can find stock photos online to use. You may be able to find free ones, or you may have to pay a fee. Just make sure you follow the directions on whether or not you need to credit the photographer and how, otherwise you will get in trouble.

Write Great Content

Last, but definitely not least, you need to have great content. Don’t just throw together random posts stuffed with keywords that make no sense. People aren’t going to keep coming back or be converted into customers if that’s your tactic.

Make sure your blog posts are intelligent and well researched. It also helps to include links to other viable sources where they can learn more about the information you are sharing with them.