I Want It Now: 5 Tips for Creating a Website That Encourages Quick Sales

Statistics show that any given time, there are up to two million people searching for something they want online, whether that’s a unique product or a great deal. With the international access obtainable through the internet, your business gains access to all of those potential shoppers. Of course, with all of those people looking for instant-gratification, it can be tough competition to earn their business. Included here are a few tips for designing a website that encourages quick sales.

Minimize Loading Time

If there is anything tech-savvy people hate, it is a slow browser. A study in 2009 revealed that most online shoppers expect your page to load within 2 seconds or less, if it takes 3 seconds or more you will have lost much of your purchasing potential. This study was surprising because only 3 years earlier, shoppers would wait for 4 seconds before abandoning the site.

This study gives concrete proof of the instant-gratification society in which we live. People want to see results and quickly, and their expectations are constantly on the rise. Having a page that loads slowly can cost you countless customers and you may be losing the ones most prone to an impulse-buy.

Offer Prime Shipping Options

With all of the stiff competition for online shoppers out there on the web, it is no surprise that shipping plays into your selling power a lot. Among people who left your page, even after filling their online shopping cart, 58% said that it was because shipping costs were too high. Finding ways to cut back on your shipping cost and time could greatly increase your revenue and help you make money off of impulse-shoppers.

Add Incentives

While nobody loves a pop-up, advertisements on your page for your products can help you make far more sales. People love to believe they are getting a deal, so having a “new user” discount or “big purchaser” discount could help incite your consumer to buy. Adding expiration dates to these discounts could further help your quick sales.

Seek Customer Reviews

Yahoo studies show that happy customers are usually pleased to write a good review. This means following up with online customers after they receive the product may be a great way to get them to give you a positive review. Sweeten the deal by offering a discount or free item in exchange for their review.

Use Photos and Videos

While online sales of electronics and books are constantly on the rise, sectors like clothing and footwear may be difficult to boost. If a customer is unfamiliar with a clothing brand, they may hesitate to purchase their product without seeing it in real life.

By uploading videos of models wearing the clothing, you will help boost the product sale. Consumers will then be able to see how a dress moves and fits in real time and be more likely to make a purchase. Not to mention, the time it takes to film and upload a video may speak to the customer about the quality of the product.